It’s Time to Ask 5 Important and Reflective Questions to Get Ready for 2020


It’s Time to Ask 5 Important and Reflective Questions to Get Ready for 2020

As we get ready for 2020, it’s time to ask five important and reflective questions.

When December arrives, most of us are all doing our utmost just to make it through till Christmas. Don’t worry, I’m in that state of mind too, but I actually like to take advantage of this time of year. It helps me do some solid pondering on the year that was. I ask myself five important and reflective questions that help me to get clear about how my year was from many different perspectives and at the same time, helping me get focused for the year ahead. 

These questions are designed to help take a head full of information, memories, moments and stuff, and put it into some logical order. This, in turn, helps it to make sense. With this tidying up of our brain, we set great foundations for a bigger, bolder and brighter year. 

So what are these five questions to ask as we get ready for 2020? 

QUESTION 1-  What have been my greatest successes in the last 12 months? 

It’s so important to really look back at the last year and acknowledge where you’ve had great successes. And by great, I mean great for you. They don’t have to be giant wins. They can be anything that is meaningful to you, that you are proud of and that you feel really good about when you are thinking about them. For me, I include my successes in both my business and my personal life, I write them down, and I keep these lists so I can re-read them often (especially at times when it doesn’t feel like I’m winning). 

QUESTION 2 – What have been the biggest challenges I’ve faced in the last 12 months? 

I like to really identify what my biggest challenges have been during the year. Not to dwell on them, but to acknowledge them and specifically why I found them to be so challenging. This reflection helps us to grow and make sense of any frustrations we may be feeling about these issues, challenges and overall irritating things. 

QUESTION 3 – What are the lessons I’ve learned in the last 12 months? 

Of course, with all successes and challenges, there are lessons learned. I like to ponder these a lot. What are the lessons I’ve learned this year? Have I been repeating the same mistakes? Or are their certain lessons that I simply don’t seem to have learned? And at the same time, what are the positives from the lessons I’ve learned during the year? Some good meaty things to think about here and I’ve never had a year that hasn’t been jam packed full of things to learn. After all, if you’re not growing, you’re dying and nowhere is that truer than in business. 

QUESTION 4 – What are the things I didn’t get done in the last 12 months? 

Once again, this isn’t an exercise in beating yourself up – it’s acknowledging that there were things I didn’t get done, and what does this mean? Why didn’t I get them done? Did it matter? Do I still want to do them? Should I let them go? Or what do I need to do to get them done next year? 

QUESTION 5 – What is my number one priority and focus for next year?

This is a big question, like the rest of them – and vitally important for me. What is my number one focus going into next year? I get very clear by identifying my absolute number one focus in my business. As well as a number one focus in my personal life for the year ahead. This means choosing one thing – one big overarching theme that forms the basis of all of my planning and strategising for the year. I’ve found that having this clear and absolute focus hugely important to help me to have a productive and successful year. 

I’d suggest finding some quiet time in the weeks ahead. Grab a pen and paper, spend a few minutes answering these questions and see how much better you feel putting all of this information into order.

Clear your brain, get some clarity and get ready for a sensational year in 2020. 

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