It Pays to Be Inclusive


It Pays to Be Inclusive

As a family member of a person with a disability and also as someone who has worked in varying capacities engaging in community development work, I have observed the value of working towards an inclusive society.

A lot of people with disability find it difficult to acquire employment and a lot of this has to do with perceptions.

People with disability often encounter both physical and perceptual barriers to doing the things they want to.

I have seen that when businesses have inclusive mindsets, there can be many benefits for them. These can be benefits that are attained through having employees with disability and/or consumers with disability. I have also noticed that when I have looked into studies on these topics, the studies correlate with my life experience and the life experiences of others I know.

Payoffs for inclusion.

There are a lot of benefits out there, which is not limited to but includes these widely known benefits:

  • People with disability generally take fewer days off.
  • Retention rates are higher.
  • On average, people with disability take less sick days.
  • They are fewer worker compensation claims for people with disability.
  • 34% of people with disability are managers and professionals.
  • When a business has a strong culture of inclusion, this can be perceived well in the community and can lead to direct benefits through new patronage.
  • People with a disability are three times as likely to avoid an organisation and twice as likely to dissuade others because of an organisation’s negative diversity reputation.
  • Stronger workplace cultures can result from having more inclusive mindsets.

If you would like to know more about these disability statistics, you can read more on them on the Australian Network on Disability website and the Job Access website

Give inclusion a go; it can only benefit your endeavours.

There are many other benefits for businesses to discover and there are many resources available to assist businesses with becoming more inclusive.

If you would like to know more about becoming more inclusive then have a look at these:

There really are so many benefits for businesses, with these I listed being just a few. Start by talking with your clients and employees; you might be surprised by the good direction they may be able to give you in becoming more inclusive that will ultimately benefit your business.

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