Is Your Fear Affecting Your Decisions?


Is Your Fear Affecting Your Decisions?

Do you sometimes miss great opportunities because you hesitate for too long?

Perhaps you totally confuse yourself by asking too many people, then, still don’t make the decision and do nothing. Maybe you even make the decision, then exhaust yourself second-guessing and end up backing out of what you committed to in the first place. I get how this feels because I have done all three.

The thing is we kid ourselves into believing we just missed an opportunity because we didn’t make a fast enough decision. We might even tell ourselves if it was right for us then the opportunity would still be there, even though we hesitated. When in fact the opportunity possibly was right for us, and we did actually make a fast decision, we just got in our own way and decided not to decide.

The number one key issue that causes us to get in our own way is fear.

So it’s about arming ourselves with the right awareness and tools to make effective decisions with the fear still there.

I have learned three key steps to check in with to help me make effective decisions with the fear still there:

1. Check in with your gut.

We always know on a gut level what is right for us. The thing is when we hesitate and over think things then our ego mind gets involved and starts coming up with all the things that could go wrong. Because of this, we find it difficult to hear what our gut is telling us.

So, check in with your initial gut feeling and if it resonates with you and you feel an initial excitement then it’s a good chance it’s a ‘yes’ on a gut level.

2. Know that fear is perfectly normal.

Many people think if they feel nervous then that means it’s not right for them when the opposite is true. If you have already felt the ‘yes’ on a gut level and then the nervousness kicks in, that means you are about to do something outside of your comfort zone. This will help you grow and, you can only achieve what you want when you grow.

Know that fear is perfectly normal and if you’ve checked in with step one first, then you are pretty much on the right track.

3. Tell yourself there is no wrong decision.

One of the things that really hold people back from making effective decisions is the need to know they are making the ‘right’ decision when there is no ‘right’ decision. Any decision we make will give us experience, learning and growth, whether we achieve what we want or not. This means we grow to become who we need to be to have what we want and when the next opportunity comes up we will be ready for it.

Always know there is no wrong decision.

For much of my life, I wasn’t the best decision maker, and it’s taken years for me to learn to hear my own gut.

The process above really serves me and has helped me trust in what I am feeling and to learn to step into the opportunity with the fear there. You will find it liberating when you learn how to decide to decide.

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