Why an ‘Instaworthy’ Life Is Bad for Your Health and Your Business


Why an ‘Instaworthy’ Life Is Bad for Your Health and Your Business

The first time I heard the term ‘Instaworthy’ I was out to lunch with a friend. Another business owner, like me, she was steadily building a social media following and establishing her reputation as an influencer.

As our food was placed down in front of us, she took one look at it and proceeded to launch into a tirade. The plating was messy. The food, while delicious, looked terrible and posting a photo of our gorgeous lunch had been her planned social media post for the day.

This lunch was in no way ‘Instaworthy’, what was she going to do now? The rest of our meal was one sided. Me talking, and her distracted as she desperately tried to come up with a new post idea.

Finally, I pulled the pin, and it was as we were walking back to the car that she found her photo. The perfect selfie, sitting atop a beautiful ocean side cliff, smiling #relaxed #entrepreneur #longlazylunches.

But it’s not real.

Everyone including myself likes looking at well-curated images. Not only that, nice pictures sell products and services, and why are you in business if not to sell and make money. I also happen to love social media. But nothing about that photo was real, let alone an accurate depiction of our day.

The next time I heard the term ‘Instaworthy’ was from a growing business owner. She’d worked hard taking her startup to a point where she was now employing staff and had just moved into her first office. Wanting to celebrate the next level she had taken some pictures of her new work space but no matter which filter she used, or how she cropped the picture, she just couldn’t make the office look ‘Instaworthy’

So now instead of celebrating her success, she was disappointed that her offices were dull and daggy. She needed better furniture and maybe a decorator. Nothing she was doing was good enough. Instead of pride, she felt failure.

A ticking time bomb.

Back out to lunch again a few weeks later with my influencer friend, and we got talking about being authentic. It didn’t take long before she broke down and confessed to me that she couldn’t keep living this fake social media persona. She was miserable. With every new post came the pressure for the next one to be better. She needed to come up with more and more extravagant stories, activities and pictures.

With her business setup and running well, she still wanted to pursue a path as an influencer, but she couldn’t go on like this. We spent the afternoon formulating a new plan for an authentic social media presence. One that would showcase her real life in business. The real stresses and pressures. The real wins.

It’s not uncommon to see an article on Smallville talking about mental health in Small Business. And that’s because the statistics are alarming. To quote Georgia Thomas “self-employment is not for the faint hearted” and she’s right. The pressure to succeed in business is already enormous without adding the stress of maintaining or following a fake social media life on top of that.

Social media is great for business, and I encourage all businesses to use it to its full advantage. But for the sake of your health and the health of your business, take ‘Instaworthy’ out of your vocabulary.

Post real updates and show the world who you really are as a business and a person.

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