Are You Using Instagram as a Business Tool?


Are You Using Instagram as a Business Tool?

If you use Instagram for business you will want to make sure that you have the free Business Profile feature switched on.

Instagram is owned by Facebook so it’s going to get more and more powerful as a business tool. Right now though, having a Business Profile means:

  1. You will be recognised as a business
  2. Your profile will have a contact button
  3. Insights will be unlocked
  4. You have the ability to promote


In this example, Kay from Enjoy Dark Chocolate helps her clients be unforgettable by offering unique handmade dark healthy (so yes, I ate the whole box in one go) chocolates. She wants to make it easy for business owners and marketing managers to get in touch with her so having a CONTACT button is a no brainer.

  • Contact button 
  • This is awesome for bricks-and-mortar businesses as well as any business who wants to encourage their customers to contact them. Does any business not want this? Your customers can text, call or email you with a one-touch contact button. They can also get directions straight to your business location with the touch of a button.
  • Insights 
  • You will be able to gain valuable insights into who your followers are and which posts are resonating with your followers better than others.
  • Promote 
  • You will be able to turn your posts into ads within the Instagram app. Instagram is already a placement option when creating Facebook Ads and they have recently launched dynamic ads meaning Instagram is going to play a very strong role in generating traffic for businesses. I;m wondering if “promote” is going to be like “boost” is on Facebook. I.e. the easy option and something to stay away from. I have to look into that more. Stay tuned. (If you are still using the “boost post” button on Facebook, it’s time to stop that now.)

So how do you convert your Instagram profile to a Business Profile? Here are step by step instructions…

 Step 1. Select Switch To Instagram Business

  1. Login to your Instagram account. This must be done on a mobile device.
  2. Go to your profile and tap on the gear or menu icon.
  3. Go to ACCOUNT settings and select Switch To Instagram Business.
  4. Tap Continue As and connect to your Facebook account. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the Facebook account you use to admin your Facebook business page.

Step 2. Connect To Facebook Page

  1. Once connected, you’ll see all of the Facebook Pages you’re an admin of. Select the Page you want to link to your Instagram business account.
  2. Select the next button.

Step 3. Set Up Your Business Profile

  1. Instagram will automatically import your information. Update this if required. This information will be public on your Instagram Business Profile.
  2. Press done. And you’re done!


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  • Megan Winter

    UPDATE: If this isn’t an option on your Instagram, AND you don’t have business manager set up for Facebook, try setting business manager up as I’ve found it becomes available for clients after they do this.

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