Increase Your Small Business’s Website Traffic


Increase Your Small Business’s Website Traffic

In every Small Business’s history, there comes a time when its imminent growth spurs the need to move onto new, greater pastures, namely the internet. 

Naturally, many of them make the same mistake of just creating a website and stopping there, instead of finding new ways to increase their site’s traffic. As a result, the enthusiasm of launching a new website soon wanes and so does site traffic, which leaves Small Business owners scratching their heads as they struggle to comprehend why it is so.

The answer is actually plain and simple: the internet is such a huge place that there are plenty of similar websites and forums out there which makes it incredibly difficult to stand out in the crowd.

This is why search engines are the thing that impacts website traffic the most, and not ranking highly on Google will result in less traffic overall.

So, how exactly do you overcome this website traffic obstacle?

  • Make your website more user-friendly.

Your business’s landing page is the first thing your customers will come across upon reaching your website. If they’re met with a confusing and over-the-top design, they will most likely tuck their tails and run, never to be seen again. Instead, what you should be doing is decluttering your website of any unnecessary distractions your customers could be facing.

In other words, when it comes to your website design, less is more.

Keep a clean and professional look with clear navigation, so your users don’t get lost that easily. Your website should reflect your business, and if it’s poorly made or too amateurish, viewers won’t take your business too seriously either.

Getting traffic to your website is one thing, but retaining it is a whole different ballgame. Traffic won’t amount to much if your users aren’t coming back, with friends if I may add, and are running away at the first sight of your homepage.

  •  Optimise your website.

Another important thing which Small Business owners might not be aware of is the notion of search engine optimisation. What this means is that although you have a neat-looking website, Google will still rank it poorly because it hasn’t been properly optimised.

Seeing how 90% of users start their online journey by typing words into their Google search bar, your site traffic will take a huge hit if you don’t take care of this hiccup as soon as possible.

Now, how exactly do you achieve this? Well, first of all, there’s nothing Google enjoys more than useful, high-quality relevant content. There’s too much-duplicated content on the internet, and such things are despised by search engines.

Writing quality, original content, relevant for your business, will rank you much higher in a search. Next, use keywords people type into their Google search and integrate them into your content. Providing a few outbound links is also an excellent idea since they increase the relevancy of your content.

  • Create a blog.

Similarly to the previous point, creating a blog to post even more quality content connected to your business is yet another fine idea. For example, if your business deals with selling cosmetics or clothing make how-to guides; how to apply make-up or how to dress for every occasion to help your users out. Moreover, create blog posts about the latest fashion news and trends to spark their interest even more.

Generally, you want to be posting content that holds value to your readers, either by providing important information they need or by instructing them on how to solve certain problems.

This way, your content will be ranked highly by Google, as explained above, and you’ll generate some extra traffic from people searching for the particular content you’re posting.

  • Get on social media.

Finally, opening a few accounts on different social media platforms is not only free but, surprisingly, highly effective as well. With more than half the world’s population on them, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself some new customers and increase your overall site traffic.

Again, as with the blog, post only quality content that will attract the most likes, tweets and shares on social media, which will then motivate your followers to check out your profile page and ultimately your website. Have in mind though that different social media platforms prefer different kinds of content, and do some more research on that before delving any deeper.

To sum up, increasing traffic to your Small Business website might look like a daunting task at first, but with a little help and know-how, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Keep your landing pages neat, your website optimised and share relevant quality content on your blog and social media for maximum results.

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