How to Increase Your Stress Level So You Can Stay As Exhausted and Overwhelmed As You Are Right Now


How to Increase Your Stress Level So You Can Stay As Exhausted and Overwhelmed As You Are Right Now

You clicked on this article because of the title right? Because let’s face it unless you are a chronic procrastinator and need a good jolt or you are an adrenaline junky Small Business owners know everything there is to know about stress already and exhaustion and overwhelm are not good play mates.

However, knowing you feel stress versus understanding what to do about it are two different things. So, if you did understand your stress, what would be the benefits?

Understanding how to increase your stress means you will also understand how to decrease it. My clients lapse into an almost resentful coma when I offer them the tried and true methods for dealing with their stress. Therefore this article has a different slightly, slightly sneaky approach.

I’m coming from a reverse psychology perspective in the hopes your brains will revolt and you will be overwhelmed with new awareness that you will then apply and feel awesome…. I know….. evil genius in the making!

Here are a few essential stress busters to AVOID so you can stay stressed.

Essential Stress Buster #1: AVOID – Perspective

Make sure that you are determined to exclude, deny, avoid and ridicule anyone else’s perspective. This accomplishes a number of things. It keeps you and everyone else on the defensive. You are then perceived as inflexible, arrogant and dogmatic. This annoys people and the backlash will help to create an uncomfortable environment – a great stress booster. You must remain single minded and committed as at times you may hear very persuasive arguments against your point of view which make incredible sense and could sway you. Hold fast and dismiss them out of hand.

Essential Stress Buster #2: AVOID – Positive Meaning Making

You cannot feel stress (good or bad) unless you add whole lots of ‘meaning’. Make sure the meaning you add is negative. This will successfully increase your stress. Although humans have a general ‘negativity bias’ you might be inclined to find an occasional positive in a situation. You must resist this. Find only problems. Rolling with your DNA in these situations keeps those stress hormones pumping.

Essential Stress Buster #3: AVOID – Your Happy History

As mentioned your mind will naturally enable you to find things that are problems. The negativity bias mentioned above is on your side here. However should you find yourself teetering on the edge of happy memories immediately start ruminating on the bad times. Reinforcing the negative super highways in your mind allows negative memories to pop up when you least expect them; wonderful stress increasers.

Essential Stress Buster #4: AVOID – Introspection, Taking Responsibility  and People who Love You.

You might be inclined to slip into the deadly stress reducing trap of taking ‘responsibility’ for your actions, attitudes and health. When weak we might use exhaustion, sleeplessness, poor health, poor results, overwhelming emotions, and ‘good advice’ as justification for slacking off in our quest for stress. Don’t under any circumstances be lulled.

You might also be blind sided by the occasional ‘do-gooder’, keen to offer you stress management tools and advice. ‘Stress Less’ perpetrators can include friends, parents, partners, mentors, stress management specialists or even your own darn kids who just want to keep having fun! Keep your eyes open – they can be very disarming and make a lot of sense. Be vigilant and distrustful…. Always.

In addition under no circumstances should you engage in any of the following: relaxation practices of any kind including deep breathing, massage, or meditation, exercises including yoga, sex, or any other enjoyable movement. Additionally do not eat well, sleep well, socialising or have any fun. These things are the enemy of your stress as they alter your brain chemistry and allow you to move into your frontal lobe where you are more likely to have perspective, connect to others, communicate get creative, problem solve and take a break. YUCK. Avoid at all costs.

Essential Stress Buster #5: AVOID – YOU

You will notice that YOU keep showing up no matter where you are. You must resist the urge to enjoy spending time with yourself. Avoiding yourself at all costs is highly recommended.

OK I hope that has given you a new appreciation for how you maintain or increase your stress levels.

Now you know what to do without falling into a coma. Go you!

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  • Deb

    Love this Linda, very clever and very true. It gave me a few laughs 🙂

    • linda Wilson

      Glad you liked it Deb. Very tongue in cheek which is why I think it works.

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