The Most Important Page to Include on Your Small Business Website


The Most Important Page to Include on Your Small Business Website

When visiting websites there are a few pages I scan before taking action. If a website has this particular page, and it’s written well, I’m more likely to get in touch.

What is the page? And why is it important?

It’s the Why Choose? page.

That’s right. I choose the Why Choose? page.

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The Why Choose? page is important because it presents the most persuasive information about you and your business in one, centralised place for time-poor web visitors.  It highlights your business benefits as well as your unique points of differentiation in an easy, digestible way.

When written well, by the end of reading it, visitors feel a sense of excitement and reassurance.  It converts them from unsure prospects into confident customers.

Guess what I do…

Whenever I write the website copy for a new client, I write the Why Choose? page first. The reason? Because once it’s clear why I should choose the business, I can make it clear to others why they should choose the business. It puts me in an informed position to convince, influence and motivate, and it helps me write the most persuasive, compelling, creative copy possible.

Not an easy page to write, but totally necessary.

It can take me a while to write this page because I comb through every piece of information the client has given me, including all the answers to my questionnaire.

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When looking for persuasive points, I feel like I’m mining for gold.  It’s SO exciting! I often find sparkling nuggets of information that the client hasn’t promoted in the past; information that will turn more clicks into customers.

How to write your Why Choose? page

There are many ways, here’s one:

  1. Brainstorm answers to these two questions: 1) Why should people use my products/services, and 2) How is my business different from my competitors?
  2. Turn the answers into persuasive bullet points using copy that connects and persuades. Use words like ‘you’, and highlight the benefits rather than just the features.

As an Example

Let’s say you’re a plumber and one of the reasons people choose you is because you guarantee punctuality. And let’s say one of your unique selling propositions is that you leave two free tap washers for the customer. The copy may read something like this:

  • You’ll save time. If I arrive late you don’t pay a cent.
  • You’re busy and your time is precious. The last thing you need is to waste an entire day waiting for your plumber.  When you call to make an appointment I’ll provide the day and time of my arrival. If I don’t arrive punctually, you’ll receive your plumbing visit for free.  That’s right, free. They don’t call me The Punctual Plumber for nothing!
  • You’ll save money. Let me empower you to complete simple plumbing jobs yourself.
  • Many plumbing jobs require a professional but some don’t. With every visit I leave two free tap washers for you along with a magnetised instruction card on how to change them. It’s just a small token of my appreciation.  You see, I’m not in the business of simply making money, I’m in the business of making my customers’ lives easier.

If your website doesn’t have a Why Choose? page, consider adding one as soon as possible. It could be the reason why prospects choose you instead of your competitors. Happy copywriting!

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  • Roland Hanekroot

    Nice one Lucinda, Really good idea… I’ll take that on board at my next website edit, thanks

    • Lucinda Lions

      Thanks so much for your comment, Roland! I just visited your website and LOVE all your video testimonials. Looks like there are a lot of points to put on your Why Choose? page. No doubt you’ll have lots of fun with it! 🙂

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