The Importance of a Crafting a Perfect Pitch for Your Business


The Importance of a Crafting a Perfect Pitch for Your Business

My sons and I were invited to an educational event for teenagers a few weeks ago about space travel.

A local Gold Coast company have set up an astronaut training facility near some of the Gold Coast theme parks. When we arrived, we were greeted by the owner who invited us to wait until the rest of the group were ready.

The building was full of life-size landing capsules, flight simulators, spacemen hanging from the ceiling, etc. It looked really cool and we were excited as we waited for our group.

Once everyone arrived we were taken to a control room where the kids were given the opportunity to participate in a mission to the moon. Some kids were selected as astronauts while others worked in space command. After a 15 minute simulation the whole team successfully landed on the moon.

Sounds cool right? Well, sort of…

I asked the crew what the whole facility was for because there was very little direction or explanation given to the parents or the kids when the event began.

“Is this a theme park or learning center?” I enquired, as I had my business brain switched on at the time and I was trying to figure out what they were trying to achieve.

Sharply,  I was told by the owner; that he hated the word theme park as what they did was so much more than just sitting in rides.

“So what is it that you guys do?” I asked, for the second time.

Sounding slightly more annoyed, he took the next 10 minutes to explain to me why they weren’t a theme park, and he got so into it that he never got around to clearly stating what they are, what they offer or what their purpose was.

He then said, “All of our information is on our website, you should have looked before you came.” So apart from blaming me for asking a “stupid question,” he really did not make a good impression on our visit.

Then it hit me.

This business owner could not clearly articulate his pitch. Therefore he could not demonstrate his value to my kids and I which meant that he lost our enthusiasm, even before we had started.

It turns out that he runs space camps for schools, homeschool kids, and social groups, where students get to experience the training real astronaut’s go through at NASA, which is really cool!

He has a great product; he just couldn’t communicate it clearly. Therefore he could not demonstrate his value and up-sell me to his expensive 10-week program, which both of my kids may well have been interested in.

The KPI Quick Pitch Method

I love the Key Person Of Influence method of pitching. They call this the social pitch.

My social pitch goes like this:

  • Name: My name is Nathan Kelly
  • Same: I’m a digital marketer
  • Claim To Fame: I create inbound marketing campaigns for business owners, to help them to attract, convert, close and delight more of their ideal, premium customers. We help our clients to clearly communicate their value and to crush it in their chosen niche.

Not only has articulating my social pitch helped me to nail down the value I bring to the marketplace but whenever I pitch this way, I have  my ideal prospects say, “That sounds like the sort of help I need in my business.”

Standing out in a busy marketplace is enough of a challenge, without working with a poorly crafted pitch. Your prospects need to be able to understand what you do quickly and to be able to make a clear and confident decision in taking things further with you.

Let me encourage you, as one business owner to another, use the KPI social pitch the next time you’re having drinks or doing the rounds at a networking event. Prepare yourself well in advance and challenge yourself to improve your pitch each time you go out.

It takes time, but if you really nail your pitch, it will help people to quickly understand what you do and decide in an instant if they are bored or if they want to continue the conversation with you.

Life is too short to be ambiguous, learn to communicate with clarity.

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