If You Do Just One Thing to Grow Your Business, Let It Be This


If You Do Just One Thing to Grow Your Business, Let It Be This

If you do only one thing to grow your business, then do this: Say, “Thank you.”

Recently I facilitated a very short business event. By my own account there was nothing significant nor special about the event; nevertheless, the event happened, it was run professionally, and this person attended.

A few days after the event I received a hand-penned thank you card via post which gave a personal thank you to me for running the event. I wasn’t expecting an additional thank you; I was gobsmacked.

While I do receive thanks for my work from time to time it’s usually in the form of a verbal acknowledgement or nod at the end of an event, or perhaps an email or Facebook comment. These things are all nice; however, they very rarely penetrate my consciousness.

And it’s not only the clutter of information that is presented to us each and every day that gets in the way; it’s as if we’ve forgotten how to stop between tasks. A colleague commented just the other day that work is so busy that we bounce from one thing to another, barely pausing to acknowledge what we’ve achieved.

The thank you card made me stop. This simple card made me sit still and acknowledge that we did do something well, and someone did notice. Little did this person know that the card was received at a particularly difficult crossroads in my own life where I was asking a lot of questions regarding the worthiness of my role and all that I juggle in between. The thank you made me realise that we aren’t wasting our time throwing our endless efforts into an ongoing well of need.

My recommendations for you (and myself) are really simple:

  • Take time to acknowledge the work of others.
  • Make time to stop and acknowledge your own work and that of your team.
  • A culture of good manners can be the best engagement campaign your business ever ran.
  • You never, ever know what someone is experiencing. Your simple acknowledgement could be life-changing.
  • In an age of fast, there is nothing quite like receiving a hand-penned letter.

It’s so easy to forget that businesses are driven by humans. Humans have the need to connect, to be appreciated and to be part of a tribe. The thank you card made me want to recommend this business and the person running it.

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