If It’s Not Serving You, Let It Go


If It’s Not Serving You, Let It Go

Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked about being on a forced slow down.

During the Christmas/New Year break, I fell and broke my right ankle which has resulted in me being bed bound. When it first happened all I remember feeling was the sheer panic at how we were going to survive the immediate future. As a husband and wife Small Business team with two small kids and multiple businesses, life is hectic, to say the least.

It was a life that required us both to be ‘on’ 24/7. Fast paced and high stress. I spent more time in the car running from commitment to commitment than I did anywhere else. So now, not only am I bed bound for the next few weeks, it will be a few months until I can drive. Our world has turned upside down.

What happened when I stopped.

I hadn’t sat still in one place for a very long time and neither had my brain. It took a few days for everything to slow down. But when it did, I realised that my ‘lifeload’, the majority of the stuff I was carrying every day, wasn’t serving me or our family.

I’ve always been an energetic and busy person, but our lives had gotten out of control. Even before the accident, I felt as though I’d barely gotten through the end of last year. I knew that something had to change but I was so busy I couldn’t figure out what needed to go, and how.

And worse, I found myself continuing to say “Yes”, instead of “No!” when someone asked me to take on new projects. Turning an already crazy situation, into a cycle of chaos.

Is it bringing you joy?

Lying in bed last week, I decided to jump on the ‘KonMari’ bandwagon and find out for myself what all the hype was about. And guess what I discovered?

Not only does this work for decluttering your t-shirts and books, but it also works for decluttering your life.

I started looking at all the commitments I had, all the projects I’d taken on, and one by one I started asking myself, “Does this bring me joy?”

With every “No”, I looked further into why I’d said, “Yes” in the first place and what the consequences were for our business and our family if I decided to take a step back. And with gratitude, I started to let some go.

Let it go.

The results were me halving my workload, being able to spend more down time with my kids and being bedbound without the stress of wondering “How will I get this done?” Even better, the projects that I’d let go of are now being managed by people with more time to give them than I did. It’s an all-around win.

So, before you find yourself forced into slowing down or stepping back, take a look at your ‘lifeload’ and consider this:

If it’s not serving you, your family or your business, if it’s not bringing you joy, can you let it go?

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