How Your Mistakes Can Make You Money


How Your Mistakes Can Make You Money

My heart stopped for a minute, and my fingers froze in mid-air. I’d sent out a newsletter with not one but two spelling/grammar errors.

Now in the whole scheme of things, you may think that was no big deal, but the newsletter was focused very strongly on how seemingly ‘little things’ can do big damage to your business.

My blood pressure was spiking because the newsletter included a whole paragraph providing examples of the ‘little things’ and right on the top of the list was:

Incorrect spelling and/or poor grammar in your written communication.

How’s that for irony?

The opportunity for success is often disguised as a mistake.

Once I returned my heart to its normal rhythm and could no longer feel my blood racing through my veins, I went into action.

I did these three things: 

1. I called my top ten clients.

The newsletter went out to over 1,000 individuals, so a phone call to each person wasn’t practical, but I did call my top 10 clients, regardless of if they had opened the email or not.

Outcomes: Some great giggles from sharing ‘whoops’ stories. The sale of a product a business owner hadn’t had time to contact me about. A Business Manager shared his current ‘pain’ regarding his frontline team. I gave him advice on the spot, and he was incredibly thankful, so I asked for a referral to another business I may be able to help; referral gained.

2. I sent a follow-up email with the subject line, ‘I just made the worst mistake’.

Outcome: That newsletter gained more opens than the initial newsletter thus reminding me that subject lines need to be catchy.

3. I offered a free copy of my book to anyone who could find my mistakes.

Outcome: More of my business expertise out into the world.

Now I know not everyone has written a book, but we all have something we can provide that is no or low cost and will add great value to your customers:

  • A well-designed word document or flyer.

The document or flyer, for example, could provide your customers with five hints or tips to help them in their business. Freely sharing your expertise, particularly if it solves customer problems, is a high-value customer interaction.

  • A ‘how to’ video.

Use videos that show you in action. Again, share things that help to solve your customer’s problems.

  • A list of annual celebration days so businesses can prepare in advance.

Anything you can do to make your customers lives easier will be greatly appreciated. Here’s a few to help you this year:

Jeans for Genes Day – August 2nd

Blue Ribbon Day – September 29th

Administrative Professionals’ Day – May 3rd

Volunteers’ Week  – May 20th to 26th

The majority of customers do forgive minor and rare mistakes.

But if you have solutions ready for if or when it happens, you just might be able to turn that mistake into a win for you and your customers and you can return your heart rate to normal much quicker.

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