How Writing and Publishing a Book Changed My Life and My Business


How Writing and Publishing a Book Changed My Life and My Business

Writing and self-publishing a book as a business tool is a growing trend.

Being a published author will help you build your profile, promote your business and make you stand out from the crowd. Let’s get some tips from some successful small business authors on how writing and publishing a book changed their life and business.

A powerful business tool.

I speak to authors all the time who tell me how writing and publishing a book has brought all sorts of benefits to them and their business. I spoke to one author recently who had carefully tracked sales related to his book, and after about six months, he put the value of extra sales at over $80,000. 

And here’s what Russell Newman (author and self-publisher of The New CEO in You) had to say: 

Since the publication of my book there has been a build up of business and opening up of contacts and opportunities that were previously not available. The book has enhanced my credibility with my existing clients as well as with prospective clients, and is in fact my ideal calling card!

Tyson Franklin (author and self-publisher of It’s No Secret…There’s Money in Podiatry) said the book ‘changed my life’, and he’s recently published his second book. Despite running a very successful business, he says he was ‘relatively unknown within the profession’. But since publishing his book ‘this is no longer the case’. 

Liz Crowe (author and self-publisher of The Little Book of Loss & Grief) says having a book has ‘greatly increased my profile and marketability, allowing me greater depth across a range of industries which I have previously not been involved in’. She has also been asked to speak on the subject of loss and grief more often since publishing her book. 

And here’s some more facts and figures: Will a book really boost your business? The cold, hard stats.

Self-publishing versus traditional publishing. 

I have worked in this area of publishing for a long time, and in the last few years have seen a rapid rise in the number of authors deciding to go it alone rather than going with a traditional mainstream publisher. Author Russell Newman explains his choice: 

I chose to self-publish for two key reasons. The first was that the two traditional publishing houses that had shown some interest expected me to do all of the duties and work that I had expected them to do while still retaining a major cut of the sales of the book. Secondly, I also realised that traditional publishing houses were unlikely to present my book to my expectations. These included the quality and some innovative aspects like my unique Sealed Section. I realised that I could only retain complete production and conceptual control by self-publishing.

Most of our authors tell a similar story about why they self-published. John Matthew (author and self-publisher of The 10 Seeds You Must Plant to Grow Your Business) says: 

If I had chosen to go the ‘traditional’ route in publishing my book, it would have taken 12 months at a minimum before I had hard copies in my hand.

You can read more about the different publishing options here: How should you publish your small business book? 

Some tips from some successful authors.

So what can you learn from people who have already had success with their book? Russell Newman has the following tips: 

You need to have a good understanding of not how to write and produce a book. And you also need to understand the difference in both the cost and opportunity between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Think about how much having control over your book’s production means to fulfilling your vision.

Decide if you are willing to produce, promote and distribute the book. 

Liz Crowe says: ‘In order to have a professionally finished product you do need professional assistance.’ She also says: ‘Just do it – it is tremendously exciting, terrifying and rewarding.’

Yes, time, effort, discipline and financial investment is involved, but every author I work with thoroughly enjoys the process. Yes, all of them. In writing and publishing a book, you learn a lot about a whole new industry. You get to meet and work with interesting, creative people. And at the end of it, you have a book you can be proud of. And that will be a very powerful tool for your business.

I can guarantee that if you produce a high-quality book and use it well in your business, tangible results will emerge in your bottom line.

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