How Warriors Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Fear


How Warriors Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Fear

Have you ever been offered an opportunity to do something new, that you know has the possibility of improving your brand or your business, and you’ve felt that small but powerful flame of fear start to ignite in your belly?

Me too! I have felt that flame in the pit of my belly a number of times and I have learned a few techniques to help me through.

Working with clients, I have learned that fear is one of the key road blocks to success for many people, even getting in the way of them being able to see what they really want for themselves and their lives, let alone taking the actions to get there.

People feel fear around doing all kinds of things for the first time and lets face it, some things that we are afraid of doing, we can avoid quite easily because it’s not important for us to do them. The problem arises when we feel fear around doing something that we know will be instrumental in building our profile and our business. And you know what that “something” is for you.

Regularly challenging yourself to do new things is key in both your own growth and the growth of your business, because if you continue to do the same things then you can only experience the same results. I think Einstein shared that pearl of wisdom with us a long time ago.

What I’ve noticed here is that there seems to be a misconception; that if you build your confidence first, then it will be easier for you to do the things you fear. Guess what, the opposite is true! When you do the thing that scares you, the fear disappears and your confidence increases.

Susan Jeffers, the author of  “Feel the fear and do it anyway” says “The fear will never go away as long as you continue to grow”

What this means is that if you want to continually improve and grow either yourself or your business, then you must regularly do new things and this often involves feeling fear or nervousness.

What this also means is that you are not alone, we all feel this feeling at some time or another, it’s just about learning how to move through it.

Be brave

Accept that fear and nervousness are part of the deal. I have been following the story of Outlander recently, which is the story of some of the bravest warriors in Scottish history. I am sure they felt fear when they were faced with their battles, often to their death.  Courage would have been their friend during those times. Often people think that courage is having no fear. The truth is, courage is taking the action while you still feel the fear. Just do it! And, as you do this more often, you will notice it becomes much easier.

Focus on your passion

One of the things I have noticed about warriors is that they are extremely passionate about their cause. When you focus on what you are passionate about in the situation you are facing, you will feel more of a sense of purpose and drive and this will see you through to completion even helping you enjoy the process. So if you are public speaking for example, focus on your passion for your message and what it will give others. If it’s the thought of that follow up call that’s causing that niggling little flame in your belly, focus on why you are doing it, what it will give you and them, and the passion you feel for that.

See yourself succeeding

Often when you feel fear, it’s because you are afraid you might fail or make a mistake. When you focus on this, the fear increases. And, I am certain that no warrior went into battle focusing on losing it. When you change your focus to one of success, seeing yourself completing and succeeding, you will notice that your confidence begins to increase and you feel brave. You can use your imagination and picture this in your minds eye or even practice what you are intending to do and experience the result that you want before you do it for real.

These are a few techniques that have been helpful for me and there are many others too. What’s important to remember here is that the more nervous you feel the more opportunity you have for change and victory. So celebrate that flame of fear and just do it!

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