How to Use Instagram Multiple Images for Posts


How to Use Instagram Multiple Images for Posts

Instagram is definitely a platform to be aware of and if not to have a presence on when it comes to marketing with social media.

Instagram is an app for social networking made for sharing photos and now videos. Very similar to Twitter and Snapchat, Instagram offers a number of very cool features that are worth checking out.

As a business owner, I find Instagram one of my favourite and easiest platforms to navigate and post content to. As a visual platform, it is very simple to take an image, add a few filters and have a very professional image about my business or my products and services.

Just recently Instagram added another a feature which allows multiple images and video to be uploaded in a post, until this point in time, we could only upload one image per post. It allows the user to slide through a number of posts and spend more time on your Instagram profile. For the business owner, it allows us to create a more meaningful marketing message.

Let’s have a look how we access this new feature:

  1. Open up your application on your mobile device (if you don’t have an Instagram account, just pop over to your app store or google play and search for Instagram).
  2. Click on the plus + icon at the bottom of your Instagram profile.

  1. You will see the grey icon with the icon with the stack of squares, from here click on the images or videos that you wish to upload in your profile, Instagram will allow up to 10 images/videos.


  1. On the next screen, you have the option to edit your images and add filters.
  2. If you find you need to change the order of the images, this can be easily done; tap and hold the image, then slide either left or right for your slideshow.

If you are wondering how to use Instagram multiple images and videos for your business, here are a few ideas:

  • Share what is happening at an event.
  • Walk users through a step-by-step tutorial or recipe.
  • Do a mini PowerPoint presentation.
  • How to videos.

It is important to note that the demographics of the Instagram user is 18 to 35 years old, they love their Instagram images and yours as well. The Instagram users will like and comment on your post if you are active on theirs. Instagram users have an unwritten ethics of following those that follow them and are active on their accounts.

I would suggest that you consider looking at Instagram as one of your social media platforms if your demographic is as mentioned above. Get some cool images and be active on your complimentary company profiles and watch the magic happen.

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