How to Survive the Busiest Week You’ve Ever Had


How to Survive the Busiest Week You’ve Ever Had

It was about 3 am on Sunday morning when my eyes flew open. My brain was in a panic.

For some reason, it was then that it had realised I’d made a double booking for the following week. Not only that, an all-day meeting I’d booked in over a month before had snuck up on me … Really, really fast and I wasn’t ready. On top of work, my kids had all sorts of additional activities booked in. My husband (and business partner) was on standby to leave the country, and I was beginning to wonder how on earth I was going to make it out the other end alive!

Now, I preach a lot about creating the life you want to live. So, full disclosure, being over-stretched and over-worked isn’t my ideal creation. But sometimes that’s the way it goes in business. Out of nowhere something will sneak up on you, or you could be having an off week and like me, completely drop the ball.

That is a part of creating the life that you want, knowing that even if you’re living your dream life something could come along and turn it upside down.

So having a plan in place for when it does, could mean the difference between coming out on top, or falling in a heap.

Get over yourself!

 I used to think that If I wasn’t doing it ‘all’ myself, I was failing. The reality was though, trying to do it all myself was almost ensuring my failure as a businesswoman, and as a mum. My house was chaos, and I was stressed and becoming increasingly short-tempered.

We all need help at times. And, no, getting a cleaner or doing your shopping online doesn’t make us weak or lazy. So, let go of ideas you have about needing to be everything to everyone because it’s just not realistic.

Meal Kits.

Meal kits are a lifesaver! Because my delivery was due that morning, it was one thing in the wee hours of Sunday morning, that I didn’t have to worry about.

Even in the weeks that are not overly busy, they eliminate some of the stress of meal planning. You pick your company, then your plan (number of meals and frequency) and it’s set and forget. A box of fresh ingredients will be delivered to your door at the same time every week, and all you have to do is pick a meal each night to cook.

Personal concierge.

Personal concierges are something I have recently discovered, and they can help you with just about anything you need! Think of them like a VA or a PA for your home. They can do everything from organising extra help at home, to running out to the shops to pick up urgent supplies or even gift shopping for that birthday party you forgot was on this weekend!

Lean on your community.

In Small Business, particularly when you have a young family, a like-minded community is everything. And it’s weeks like these that your support network is really important. It could be anything from help with the kids, to a shoulder to cry on, use them! Trust me, they get it, and it’s likely you will be returning the favour sometime in the near future.

Look after you.

Even with all the help in the world ultimately you are the key to getting through a week like this, and if you’re not performing at your peak, it could all fall apart. Exercise, good food and making sure you get enough sleep should take priority, and don’t forget to breathe.

As I was writing this Sunday night, my middle of the night panic was short lived because I knew that although this week would be a huge challenge, with a little bit of planning and a lot of help, it was survivable!

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