How to Plan Your Social Media Content in 1 Hr a Week


How to Plan Your Social Media Content in 1 Hr a Week

One of the biggest issues I hear many Small Business owners share when it comes to doing social media is that they have no time.

Yes, that old chestnut! The one thing that we all lack. However, with the abundance of free tools and software, it is no longer an excuse. We have access to so many amazing digital tools that we no longer need to spend a lot of time logging in and out of every social media platform to post content.

I like to empower my clients to work smarter not harder and to get the most out of every day so let me share the steps I use to plan my social media content in 1 hour a week:

Step 1 – Plan your content.

Use a Content Planner template that shows days of the week and the social media channels you use. In relevant days put the content you are going to share, e.g. the text, the image and the URL link. This not only makes it easy to schedule all your content (we’ll get to that step) but it gives you a record of what you have shared that you can refer back to at a later time. You will also be able to see if you have too much of one type of content; this clearly shows when you can see everything in one place.

Step 2 – Find curated content.

Your content should be a mix of created content (your own content), curated content (someone’s content you share and credit them for) and repurposed content (your content that you are re-using in some way). Use tools like DrumUp, Buffer or Feedly to find content that will be relevant to your target market. Many of these will send you daily content you can share using one click. This gives you consistent and relevant content in minutes.

Step 3 – Repurpose content.

You will have content that can be repurposed. For example, a blog can be turned into a video or broken into quotes or smaller posts. A fact sheet can be broken into blogs or smaller Facebook posts, and you can share old blogs as long as they are evergreen and not out of date. You don’t always need to create brand new content. Chances are you have a big audience that hasn’t seen most of your content yet so use it.

Step 4 – Create your content.

If you need to create posts, a great tool to do this is Canva. It takes minutes to create personalised templates then once you have them set up, you can simply copy then re-use. Simple! Quick! Easy! And it still maintains your branding.

Step 5 – Schedule your content.

Use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer, and you can connect all your social media channels and schedule the time and days you want your content to be posted. Having all your social media in one place saves time as you don’t need to log in and out of each channel when you need to post or reply to comments.

Step 6 – User-generated content.

Ask your audience to create your content for you. This will depend on what type of business you have, but examples are photo competitions, uploading an image of you using the product or users creating short videos, etc. Use your imagination. What can you ask your audience to create that will be fun that they will want to share? Why do you need to do all the work? User-generated content is engaging and will be shared by the people that create it which opens your product up to a new audience.

So, there are six steps you can take each week to create and share social media content without spending hours procrastinating, getting distracted or getting lost online.

So, no more excuses!

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