How to Make Your Marketing Feel Like a Gift


How to Make Your Marketing Feel Like a Gift

Have you ever felt that your marketing is bothering your customers?

Most often my clients reach out to me for help in creating consistent content, but they also are often carrying mindset blocks like these:

  • “I don’t want to send too many emails to my subscribers.”
  • “I think I am promoting my webinar too much.”
  • “My social media followers will get annoyed with my content.”

Even though I understand why they feel like this, I empathetically say that they don’t have to feel like this, because of two reasons. Firstly, because it’s not true as there’s no such thing as too much marketing; the search engine and social media algorithms combined with the short attention spans of your customers ensure that your message is not being seen by all of them, all the time. In fact, if anything you might be marketing less. Secondly, you can create your own way of marketing that actually makes you feel good, and your audience feels special and taken care of.

Seth Godin famously said, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” In my opinion, using ‘generous and authentic content’ in your marketing is the most intentional way to package your marketing like a gift and share it confidently and lovingly with your audience.

Here are five ways you can use content to make your marketing feel like a special gift to your audience:

1. Create content that changes the way your audience feels.

Instead of trying to make them click the ‘buy now’ button all the time, think of how you can change the way they feel. Create genuinely useful, entertaining and inspiring content that solves their biggest problems or makes them laugh or be inspired to change a habit. Human beings are driven to action by emotions, not logic, and if your content is not making them feel anything, then it’s surely not going to convert them.

2. Your content should improve your customers’ life or business.

Don’t use content to add fluff to your marketing or just to fill white space on your website. Each and every piece of content that you create should solve a problem for your customers and move the needle for their growth in some way. Apart from promoting your business, it should also build trust and connection to you. Do frequent market research through surveys, polls and interviews to understand the everyday problems your customers face and solve those through your content.

3. Your content should be connected.

Your content’s purpose is not to add more noise to the online marketing world. Your content should embody the vision and the values you are building your business upon. If your email rates are going down and down, then it means that your audience is either bored or not connected to your message. Every time your audience reads a piece of content you create, they should feel that they know who you are, what you stand for and feel a sense of belonging to the movement you are creating.

4. Your content is not a funnel but a lighthouse.

If you are feeling out of alignment with your marketing, then it’s time to check your intention. Are you using content to lure people into a self-serving funnel or is your content a lighthouse, guiding your audience to the right path? Look at your current funnels and check whether they are designed to deliver actual results to your subscribers or to just get them to buy your entry-level product?

5. Let your content be a slow burn.

A long-term sustainable business is built on patience. Using content to generate a few quick bucks or to design a business that is connected, aligned and yet profitable, the choice is yours.  Don’t expect to start a podcast and quickly gather thousands of listeners who will convert to buyers. Content is a long, slow relationship building process.

Once you consistently implement these tips in your content, you will feel a sense of ease, satisfaction and fun in your marketing.

Do you think that marketing can truly feel like a gift? Let’s chat in comments.

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  • Shilpa Agarwal

    Love your tips Swapna! Love the lighthouse and slow burn metaphors! Its already giving me such a sense of calm when I think of marketing from this perspective!

    • Swapna

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Shilpa. It might feel that we are going against the current now, but in the long run, I truly believe that this approach will build a sustainable and satisfying business.

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