How to Leverage Your Past Business Trauma


How to Leverage Your Past Business Trauma

You have invested so much of yourself into building your business.

Blood, sweat, tears and hours and hours of worrying and planning plus a loss of sleep because you were under so much stress. Are you adding to this pressure by holding onto a past traumatic business event?

Well, it’s time to let it go.

Can you imagine the powerful change in all areas of your life that you could make if you could take all the energy that you have used up focusing on that trauma and refocus it onto living the best version of yourself and your business today?

What is that ‘worst’ thing that has happened to you in business that you are holding onto?

Now you have identified that event; I want you to close your eyes and feel how it made you feel at the time. Be brave now; you are safe to do this now. Still, with your eyes closed, I want you to take all of that awful feeling and place it on to that beautiful white cloud that has appeared in front of you; every piece of it. Don’t hold anything back; the cloud is very resilient, it can hold all the distress you can throw onto it.

Once that is done, and you no longer hold any of that distress in your body, thank the cloud and let it float away with all that negative energy; hurt, resentment, rage, fury, embarrassment and shame. Whatever the feelings were that you identified, they have now floated away on that white cloud.  You are now free of those feelings.

Recognise that you survived that awful experience.

Give yourself some recognition; you survived it. Know that you can survive anything if you survived the what was the worst experience of your business life so far. You are a survivor.

What can stop you in the future?

The only thing that could stop you is your own thought processes, and the wonderful news is that you have complete control over your own thought processes. If you find yourself thinking about that awful event and the feelings it caused you, then immediately see the white cloud, loaded with all those awful feelings, floating away from you.

You no longer need to hold onto those feelings. If you do hold onto them, you will be doing damage to your present and future self, and it will be your choice to do so. Sometimes our thought patterns get stuck, they go around and around and keep coming up with the same awful result.

If you find that this is happening to you, there are ways to clear the stuckness. It is completely unnecessary and unhelpful for you to hold onto this stuff.

Often, when we break it down, we discover that we are holding onto this stuff to punish the perpetrators of our distress.

The bad news (or perhaps it is good news), is that that person is completely unaffected by your stewing on these feelings. You are the only one suffering, so stop it!

Leverage the past trauma.

This is your opportunity to do this. Practise and practise until you get it right. Emotion is just energy in motion, and you are in control of the direction that energy takes. Make it work for you not against you. Turn around the direction of your feelings, and you and your business will thrive.

You deserve to live the best version of your life.

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