How to ‘get Started’ on Your Content Creation Journey


How to ‘get Started’ on Your Content Creation Journey

If you read my article last week, you’ll know that I looked at content marketing and why as a Small Business you should be too. I talked about things like establishing yourself as an expert and creating brand awareness, and at the very end I said, you just need to start.

So bright and early on the morning after my last article hit the Smallville site, I got an email from a fellow business owner asking for help. He’d created a blog for his business, but now, almost a year later, the blog sat empty. He wanted to ‘just start’ but had no idea where or how to begin.

When I first started writing for my business, I had no clue where to begin either. I Google searched ‘how to write a blog’ but wanting more than just the technical information of setting up a blog, I came up empty handed.

There is a lot of information out there, but there’s also a lot of information that doesn’t tell you much at all. It took me a lot of trial and error and fumbling my way through before I found my groove and there were a few key things that I discovered along the way:

1. Target market.

You can’t create useful content unless you know who you’re creating it for. How old are they? What do they do? What are their pain points? Many writers and content creators even go as far as having a physical picture of their ideal reader or client in front of them as they’re working.

2. Just be you.

Probably the number one reason I hear for business owners not starting their blog or creating their content is ‘but I can’t write’. I’m going to tell you now; there is no one out there who can tell your story or the story of your business better than you can. If you can stand around at a networking event or a BBQ with friends and tell a story, you can write about your business.

3. Get creative.

The number two reason I hear for people not creating content is that they get too caught up in the ‘rules’ of writing. So, I say, throw away the rules and get creative. Start a conversation on paper and write from the heart. When you do this, you’ll find a flow and your own style, and it’s then that you become relatable.

4. Be generous.

Ultimately the point of creating content for your business is to increase business, but you can’t look at it as sales. Be generous with your knowledge and genuinely seek to help your clients solve their issues or address their pain points. This is what will have them returning to your business.

5. Be patient.

I’ve gone over the top reasons why business owners don’t start creating content and here is the top reason they don’t continue. You need to be patient. We hear words like viral almost on a daily basis but having an article or a piece of content get picked up and swept around the world is very rare. Not only that, when it does happen these tend to be one hit wonders.

Genuine success comes with consistent, high-quality content creation that gains momentum and builds trust with your audience over time.

So don’t be scared to ‘just start’ creating content. It really is as simple as putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and letting your story unfold.

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