How to Draw Your Audience to You as a Public Speaker


How to Draw Your Audience to You as a Public Speaker

As a public speaker, you are an educator, an entertainer and an influencer.

You can take your brand to new heights in this internet world. The opportunities are endless. You can choose how you do this. Your own path awaits. As cliched as that sounds, it’s true!

If you really want to, you can. Too many public speakers are not ready to take that jump of putting themselves out there more online. When you choose to, there is one thing that will separate you from others in relation to your topic … It’s your perspective.

What do you believe about your topic? What gets you fired up?

Think about your perspective on your topic, your lifestyle, your beliefs and how you approach all you do. Your perspective is your vibe!

This is precisely the reason why people will follow you, other than friends and family. Because they can feel your perspective and if it matches them, they are likely in your tribe.

What is your Perspective?

These are a set of beliefs that you hold about your topic that will endear your audience to you. They are the things that you would be prepared to go into battle for. They are your unbreakable rules. The markers you know to be true.

List the 3-5 key principles that are key to your mindset and teachings on your topic.

For example, these are mine:

1. Let’s ban boring and have fun!

2. It’s not about you – it’s about your audience!

3. Speak for free, then for a fee.

4. A speaking journey is your (personal development) journey.

5. Be resilient – evolve, evolve, evolve.

Of course, then there is the creative part of how you present your thoughts to your audience.

This can be presenting the same message in various forms or a different angle each time. Yet it’s the same message! This is where it resonates with your audience. It can take time for it to click.

Remember as humans we need to hear something several times before it drops into our unconscious mind.

The key is that these are unshakeable beliefs in you. Because you believe them wholeheartedly, your audience will feel that you have certainty and conviction. The other thing to note is that they need to be repeated in various forms, day in and day out. That may seem boring to you, but it may take your audience a while for it to sink in. So keep going with them.

It’s completely in your hands to bring these messages to life!

The worst thing you can do is not be clear about what you represent. And the frequency of presenting the message to your audience; we really need to do this multiple times per day.

Nail your core messages, and your audience will remember you forever. It’s important that people know what you stand for, why and how.

Your perspective matters and clarity is power. Be clear on yours.

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