How to Crush Your Writer’s Block


How to Crush Your Writer’s Block

Imagine this:

You’ve got your content plan, some great article ideas and have managed to set aside a day to get some writing done. You’re already thinking you’ll get at least three blog articles drafted by lunch, maybe more. Coffee in hand you head to your desk, sit down and … Nothing. That great line you thought of in the shower, gone. Before you know it, your coffee cup’s empty. You’ve lost an hour, and have logged in and out of Facebook more times than you’re comfortable admitting.

I write thousands of words per week and have found myself in this position a lot, especially when I was first starting out. It can be frustrating and if you have deadlines looming, incredibly stressful. But the more frustrated and stressed you get, the less productive you’ll be.

If you’re not careful, all your best-made plans could take a back seat, and your blog could become one of the thousands sitting empty instead of it working for your business.

So here are a few of my tried and tested ways to remove those mental blocks and get the words flowing:

1. Go for a walk.

Get up and go for a walk outside. Let your mind get distracted visually by your surroundings, just breathe and get your body moving. Many writers now and throughout history have used walking in their creative processes. Among other things, it can increase energy, helps to establish a rhythm and promotes imagination. Besides, who doesn’t feel lifted after a stroll in the sun?

2. Try some free writing.

Set yourself a timer, usually between three and five minutes, and without thinking just start writing. It doesn’t need to make any sense because no one is going to read it. You can write what’s on your mind, describe your surroundings or even what you had for dinner the night before. Freewriting helps you develop a natural flow as well as declutters the mind ready for new ideas.

3. Get doodling or colouring in.

Just like free writing and walking, doodling and colouring in, allows your mind to become distracted, decluttered and relaxed. And it’s when we’re in this relaxed state that the breakthroughs happen. All you need to get started is a pen, some paper and a few minutes of your time.

4. Talk it out.

I’m a fan of writing how I speak. And I think that some of the best and most relatable blog articles are written as a conversation. So, if you’re having trouble writing or typing your ideas, start talking. Talk to yourself, talk to your dog or get a dictaphone app and start recording, you’ll have all your content written in no time at all!

5. Work when you’re productive.

It took me a long time to realise that I can’t force productivity or creativity and that what I really needed was flexibility in the hours that I was working. I’m terrible in the middle of the day. I get distracted easily by emails and phone calls, and can always find some kind of busy work that ‘needs’ to be done instead of writing. I work best when it’s dark and quiet, either late at night or very early morning just before my world wakes up. It’s like my own private bubble.

I’ll admit, creating content isn’t always easy, even some of the most experienced writers struggle with writer’s block.

If you do find yourself sitting at your desk trying to force out some words, stop! Even if you try just one of these ideas, let go and allow your mind to wander, you’ll be surprised where it might take you.

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