How to Beat Your Brain at Its Own Game


How to Beat Your Brain at Its Own Game

You’ve got the power to beat your brain at its own game and get it working for you, not against you.

There is one thing on this planet that can outwit the best of us. That can sabotage growth and success. It can put up hurdles and obstacles. It can trick us into doing things that do not support our vision and dreams.

This one thing sits on top of our shoulders, encased by our skull. It is our brain. It is the most magnificent computer on the planet but if we don’t control it, it can do untold damage especially as we grow and build a business.

Our brain is responsible for procrastination, hesitation, negative self-talk and fear.  It stops us from jumping on opportunities. It talks us out of getting up on stage to share our magnificence. It prevents us from promoting what we do.

Our brain conjures all the right reasons for why we couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t do things.

Yet in this age of whatever you want to know is at your fingertips, we let it have carte blanche control over our lives, believing there is nothing we can do, that we’re stuck with our foibles and fears.  

But we don’t have to be.

There is no excuse for not doing what needs to be done in our business. There is no excuse to not market or promote your business.  The only thing holding back your business is you.

All the material things like money, resources and skills can be sources, tapped into and learned.

The same as overcoming things like imposter syndrome, fear of public speaking, fear of success or failure and shyness.

Now, it is not easy to work through these things. Quite often, they are patterns and beliefs developed over a lifetime. We cling to them as a child clings to a favourite teddy bear. There is safety and comfort in our comfort zones.

We can justify not reaching our goals and dreams with what goes on inside of our head. But it is not serving us. Some thoughts that do this are:

“I was born like this.”

“If people don’t like me, it’s their problem.”

“I am not worthy of sharing my ideas with people.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I don’t know enough.”

“I don’t know how to do it.”

“Nobody cares what I have to say.”

“I think my heart will stop if I get on stage.”

“People will find out I am not that good.”

Ever said or thought any of the above? If you have, that is your brain working against you. 

Beat Your Brain at Its Own Game.

There are so many tools and resources you can use to conquer your mind, to get it working for you, not against you. Some cost money. Some are totally free. No one tool can do everything for you. Working on yourself is an ongoing process.

A coach.

You can only know what you know. All those things you don’t are probably what you need to move your business forward. Invest in a good coach – one that has the success you are looking for and the skillset you do not possess.

Pomodoro technique.

If procrastination and lack of productivity are the banes of your existence, try using a Pomodora clock to break down works into intervals and accommodate short breaks.

It can help you power through distractions and learn to become hyper-focused Procrastination can lead to guilt, and that doesn’t help with getting things done. Stop beating yourself up.

Mindset coach or counsellor.

It is ok to have more than one coach, quite often we overlook the most important part of our body that needs coaching and training – our brain. If you have things that are holding you back, get someone to help you with that.

You cannot solve your problems with your current mindset; seek someone who is skilled and trained to help you.  Imagine what you could achieve unencumbered.

Systems and processes.

You can make business life easier and smoother by getting the foundations right.  Not being organised can cause all types of angst. Tools like Google’s suite of apps, Asana/Trello/Dubsado to manage projects and communications, and documents that outline how you do things in your business so if you grow, it makes training so much easier.


Our brain is plastic. There is so much science now that proves we do not have to be stuck with how we think. With the right support and help, we can overcome anything. Affirmations are a great way to retrain your brain. Write phrases that give you the power and repeat them over and over every day.

You can do it. Use your thoughts so that they build you up for growth and success.  You can beat your brain at its own game.

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