How to Be Magnetic in Business


How to Be Magnetic in Business

People have always told me that I am lucky and I land on my feet. Opportunities just appear. I am magnetic.

I travelled the world for ten years and visited 50 counties all before I was 30. I have had incredible experiences, met amazing people, done cool things in cool places. I partied in Ibiza with famous DJ’s, worked on the movie Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, lived in the Caribbean, travelled through Asia, Africa, America and Europe. I had little money but an open heart and a beautiful smile. I was given free meals, accommodation and life-changing experiences in exchange for my ‘good’ energy.

We are all magnetic. However, you attract what you do and don’t want in your life and especially in your business. Being magnetic is quantum physics baby. Not some hippie mumbo-jumbo.

As humans, we are energetic beings. We cannot see our energy. Imagine spider webs of invisible light being exchanged like radars and sponges. This radiates out of you and every interaction you have in your business, people are feeling your vibe. This is why people do business with you. We want to be with people who have great energy. This makes us feel good about ourselves. We need it to fill up the void, the lack of self-love that many of us have. We give away our energy and leave nothing left for the most important person in your life; ‘you’. I learnt this the hard way.

The breakdown before the breakthrough.

I was happily married six years ago, and my son was about to turn two. We had been living overseas and had just returned to Australia. My ‘ex’ husband had a breakdown. For eight years I had given him my energy, filled the void, but since our son was born, that had all changed. It was the end of my marriage and the birth of my business. I am eternally grateful for that day, despite the pain and struggle that followed. I have a multi-award-winning business, and I have published an award-winning book. I am living a life filled with abundance every day, I am getting re-married this year, and we have a beautiful daughter.

Your DNA is not your destiny.

I teach my clients who are mums how to be magnetic. I believe you are in control of your life. You are manifesting everything that is happening to you in your life. The whirlwind drama and the divine joy. Your eternal world is a mirror to your outside world. If you think you can, of course, you can, if you think you can’t, then without a doubt you can’t. We teach this to our kids, but inside we often do not believe it. We are playing small. We tell ourselves we are not worthy to have the life we secretly desire.

I believe business is 50% strategy and 50% mindset. I work on my mindset every day. Your thoughts are creating your world. Last week I presented to a group of women and asked them who says they do not have enough time? They all raised their hands. Yep. If you say you have no time, guess what, you have no time. Change your perception by changing your thoughts, which will change your words. This changes your behavior, and you take inspired action towards your dreams.

Change your perception, change your reality.

Are you bogged down in a fog of negativity or do you acknowledge it, let it go, build a bridge and move on. How you show up in the world, is how you see the world. I have no filter. I am free to be me. You choose the camera lens of your life. It is your daily habits that will make or break your business.

Your words have superhero power. I run my business on three days a week. I love outsourcing and delegating what is not my zone of genius. I am a gifted communicator, not a tech wizard. I use the Kanban system to be a productivity queen. I use my intuition to make business partnerships, create my programs and trust that all is flowing as it is meant too.

You are a powerful magnet for greatness. When you clear the fog and overcome self-doubt, you are a lighthouse that guides others to step up and shine too. Imagine your future self. The one that is your best friend, not your worst enemy. To be that person, you need to feel it. Live life, like you already have achieved your deepest desires. Feel it, so you vibrate that out to the universe. Your mind doesn’t know what is real and what is imagined. This is how you achieve it.

You are an entrepreneur, a change maker. The time is now.

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  • Danielle Gardner

    This is an uplifting and inspiring read Leonie! I had no idea about all your travels either. What a great life. Dani x

    • Leonie Percy

      Thanks Dani for your kind words. I value them so high. love Leonie

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