How to Be Instantly Hotter as a Public Speaker


How to Be Instantly Hotter as a Public Speaker

Did you realise, you are a visual, in your presentation?

Some readers may find this blog to be shallow because in it I refer to physical appearance. I will quote millionaire mentor Scott Harris here when I say “I don’t make the rules”.

Human beings by their nature, do judge people for the way they look. This happens in many different ways, positive and negative (and everything in between). When it comes to the visual of you, everyone is different. We are all born with our own set of circumstances and physical features.

Then there is the added special something that some people are born with and develop further; charm, charisma, attractive looks and personality. This certainly helps when you understand that you are a visual, in your presentation.

Your audience notices you, and how you put yourself forward makes a difference to your audience.

Let me clarify here. I’m not simply talking here about having the ‘gift of the gab’ where you can talk your way through to success. I’m talking about that ability to use your body to have a greater awareness of your every move and how your audience is affected by that.

It’s the audience connection.

What your audience wants and needs (two different things) is evolving by the second. A true master of the stage will be able to have an awareness of that. He or she will realise that commanding the stage with speaking skills is by far more powerful than any other attractive physical feature.

Understanding your audience as a Public Speaker leads to connection.

This is good news!

To be a great speaker you don’t have to be beautiful or a supermodel. You just have to be ‘You’ and comfortable on stage.

Sometimes, when nerves, fear and anxiety appear though, for some reason in public speaking, it can suddenly become hard to be ‘You’.

Case in point:

I recently attended a series of presentations. In one presentation, there were two speakers; it was not an interview, it was more of a joint presentation.

Simply focused on the content of the presentation, I had not consciously noticed the way the presenters looked. I wasn’t comparing them to each other. That was until one speaker, let’s call him Fred, made light of his physical features compared to the other speaker. The other speaker, who admittedly was very attractive (in a smokey, sultry Elvis kind of way) came across a bit more visibly nervous when he spoke. Let’s call him Joe.

The difference between the two? Fred had more speaking skills. This automatically made him attractive and charismatic. Certainly more so than he was indicating than from his self deprecating comments. He confidently used humour to engage his audience. Joe who was incredibly knowledgable on his topic had fewer tools in his speaker toolkit, and the nerves were showing.

Here are three ways you can build your presence and speaking skills to your advantage and become instantly hotter as a public speaker:

1. Mindset.

Stop worrying about being there. Prepare mentally beforehand to prevent the brain amygdala highjack leading you to panic mode. I won’t prescribe exactly which technique to use. Every person is different. Find the breathing or tapping or meditative activity to do beforehand that works for you.

Having said that I recommend slow deep breathing to calm your autonomic nervous system. That works for me.

2. Use your eyes.

The eyes have it. Use them. People say eyes are the windows to the soul. I also see them (pardon the pun) as the connector to your brain. And that’s where all the thoughts live. The brain is sexy gosh darn it.

To demonstrate the power of the eyes … Did you realise that when you gaze into someone eyes, it can make you have feelings like you’re in love, with the chemical phenylethylamine release it creates?

Despite what the rest of you looks like, your eyes have great seductive powers, especially when you learn to use them!

3. Your tone matters.

Your tone is super important for audience connection. Why? Because with tone, you can make your audience feel.

Remember when you were a kid and did something wrong? You knew you were in trouble simply by the tone of voice used by your mum (or dad). That tone only ever came out in the bad times, so you got to learn, it wasn’t exactly a fun tone to hear. You learnt if you pressed a certain button through your actions that tone would be the response (although sometimes you didn’t know it was coming, you soon found out).

Learn what tone/s works for you. Don’t stick to a monotone; it’s boring. Unless you want to create a certain mood for your audience, use tone to make your audience feel.

If you want to be hotter, you can be, and that’s without having any cosmetic surgery.

Develop your speaking skills.

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