How The Cosmopolitan Hippy Mumma Buys and How You Can Cash In


How The Cosmopolitan Hippy Mumma Buys and How You Can Cash In

There’s a new wave of shopper. I like to call her The Cosmopolitan Hippy Mumma (I’m coining the phrase now, you heard it here first folks).

Mothers in Australia are responsible for $132 billion in spending every year. And the Cosmopolitan Hippy Mumma (#CosmoHippyMumma) decides where her family’s hard eared dosh is spent via a very specific set of criteria.

1. Who are you?

The Cosmopolitan Hippy Mumma wants to buy from people she likes. She talks to her friends about brands, she flicks through Facebook and reads articles and interacts with the brands she loves. She will read reviews and research almost every purchase she makes. Authenticity resonates with her and her BS radar is finely tuned so if you are hiding something, she will know (she is a mum after all) and she will feel that betrayal in her soul.

Once deceived, it will be hard to get her brand loyalty back. And don’t even think about conventional advertising to sway her. She watches Netflix, reads things online and listens to paid Spotify and even if by some magic she did see you advertising, it had better be quirky/funny/something she can share in a hilarious tweet to get her attention.

2. Where did it come from?

Whether it is direct trade coffee, local organic eggs or a classic cotton t-shirt, The Cosmopolitan Hippy Mumma wants to know:
a. How was it made?
b. Who made it?
c. Where were the materials sourced?
d. How far did it travel to get here?

If you are selling to this lady, you had better have answers to all of these questions.

3. Ethical? Sustainable? Conscious?

Spending all that time on the internet, particularly social media, she’s read all those articles about how horrid it is to be a caged hen or a Bangladeshi factory worker. While her University days of protesting the world’s atrocities are but a distant memory, she now votes with her dollars and will not support brands that are not giving back to help the planet/oppressed masses/health of society.

4. Impact on health

When picking a product, the Cosmopolitan Hippy Mumma will gravitate to labels like: organic, grain free, no refined sugar and BPA free. She understands the impact plastics and pesticides and petrochemicals have on our health and she will go that extra mile (and spend that extra $$$) to make sure she is making the healthier choice for her family.

Make no mistake, we may be hippies, but at our heart, we are huge consumers. Ethical, sustainable brands that tick all our boxes will have us for life.

Well, them and Kmart.

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  • Amy Roche

    Love it!

  • Catherine Scolnik

    Hi Leandra,

    Great article – thanks for sharing. Do me a favour? Don’t tell my husband I’m a #CosmoHippyMumma (he’s a little anti-hippies!). 😉

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