How Not to Turn Your Business Into Frankenstein’s Monster?


How Not to Turn Your Business Into Frankenstein’s Monster?

One day you wake up and realise you not only created a monster, but the only way it’s surviving is through your sheer will power.

It’s ugly, nothing is properly organised, and you literally have no way or time to get it organised without dropping the ball to do it. Like me, you most likely got started because you’re really good at something and people wanted that skill for the outcome it could create.

You may have found getting work easy and doing it as easy as finding it. So, you started your first business to change the world. Well, I did. Your business will have a shining example of your most proficient skill at its core, and the rest will be simply whatever you can find to do the job.

Answer this question: “Are you exhausted and running on adrenalin most of the time?”

If your answer is yes, guess what? You’re on track to burnout or even a heart attack. Well, this was me, and I guess I’m a slow learner. I did it twice! I had built ‘Frankenstein’s monster’, and it was demanding my time, and pursued me into my dreams, turned nightmares. I would wake at 3 am feeling sick to my core that I now had created something I was never going to get free from and that would be a demand on me my entire life. Sound familiar?

What do I do?

This was the question I ponder and meditated on for close to eight years. There is a simple way to plan your business, so things are easy to control, expand and systemise while you’re still running your business. You need to think of your business like a healthy human body, not a bits-and-pieces monster. Every part conditioned and trained to do its task as efficiently and gracefully as possible.

The true key to getting your business and turning it into a well-oiled machine is, in my opinion, being efficient and repeatable and having measurable communications to and from:

  1. Staff and contractors.
  2. Departments.
  3. Systems.
  4. Customers.
  5. Suppliers.

Keep this simple. The simpler, the better. But it has to be efficient, repeatable and measurable.

Here is the structure I used:

  • Tasks are created as communications that are recorded and can be sent on a schedule or a trigger.
  • Each area in your business needs to be broken down into strategic business units.
  • Each task needs to be associated to a title that works in that unit.
  • The results of each task that gets sent needs to be reviewable and recorded.
  • You need a simple dashboard where you can see how every department/area of your business is processing the tasks and how many tasks are getting done.

You can do this with some project management systems; major companies invest millions of dollars into building custom systems.

Hot tip – You can do this yourself, and it’s not rocket science.

Here is how you can set up a system to manage your business more efficiently:

1. Set up a spreadsheet on your computer, phone or tablet. Use Google sheets, Excel or some type of spreadsheet.

2. Make a new sheet in the spreadsheet for each department/area in your business and set up each sheet with these across the top:

  • Title of the task.
  • Description of the task/process.
  • When it should be done and how often.
  • Who it should be done by.
  • How to record any results from the activities.

Hot Tip – You can get away with only doing 20% of the tasks that take up most the time in your week.

3. Now set an alarm for every few hours over the next few weeks and enter the tasks as you go or get your workers to do it.

  • Over time you will have a template of every major activity you under take in your business.
  • As well as when it should be undertaken.

This, in itself, is enough to transform your business.

If you would like to please get in touch in the comments below. I do have some free resources and free sample sheets that can help to get you started.

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