How Do You Maintain Your Family as Your #1 Priority?


How Do You Maintain Your Family as Your #1 Priority?

Your family is ‘why’ you do what you do, isn’t it?

But, how can you ensure that your family knows that they are your #1 priority? Don’t assume they know.

What your family feels.

Time with you is their #1 priority. Every moment you spend with them is gold to the members of your family. Of course, they want the benefits of the income you earn, but that is generally not their #1 priority.

Meantime you are caught up in the cycle of needing to spend more and more time on your business, just to keep the income flowing.

Do you feel as though things are out of balance? Are you spending more time on the business than you had hoped you would?

When you are building your business, it is really difficult to get the balance right.

It is a matter of prioritising what is most important to you right now. There will be trade-offs to be made.

Let’s say, you decide that time with the family is more important to you right now because:

  • Children grow up so fast.
  • The children don’t care how much money you bring in each week; they only care that you love them enough to spend time with them.

This can be a real dilemma and the pressure on you is intense.

You are under pressure from every side including pressure to:

  • Spend time with your family.
  • Build your business.
  • Build your business networks.
  • Build your social networks.
  • Stay healthy and fit.
  • Keep extended family happy.
  • Save for the future.

And on and on it goes…

What is to be done?

It is all about balance and no, you can’t do it all. You do, however, need to keep all the balls in the air.

To do this, the most important person to take care of is you.

It is all about balance.

If you are unable to say, “No”, when no is what you mean; you will find yourself overstretched and out of balance. If you refuse to put yourself first, who else is going to do that?

Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. You need to be the one person in the world who is responsible for filling up your love/energy tank. If you run out of fuel you can’t help anyone else.

If you were under the misperception that someone else would be responsible for filling up your love/energy tank, I’m sorry, but I have only bad news for you. That responsibility is yours and yours alone. Not your love partner, not your co-workers. Just you.

Now, if this all sounds overwhelming, take a deep breath.

It is completely possible to do. You just have to get your priorities in order, and then work towards the place of balance that you want to be in. Step by step you will get there. You don’t have to get it all right today, or even next week.

The idea is to do some planning, acknowledging what is most important for you, then to consistently work in that direction.

Check in with yourself often (weekly is good). Check in with your family regularly (again a family date night is a perfect time to do this). Tweak and adjust until you feel you have the right balance. Do this deliberately because it is so important and you will be rewarded for the effort it takes to do. 

You deserve to have the best, and so does your family.

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