How Do You Know You Are Successful?


How Do You Know You Are Successful?

What does success mean and how do you know you are successful?

This is a question I asked a group of successful business women this month when I presented at the Cairns Business Women’s Club Business Women’s Awards finalists workshop.

Each year I am blown away by the number of successful businesswomen we have in our region alone. There were 130 nominations and 38 finalists selected this year, and this is just counting the successful businesswomen who have been brought to our attention through the awards process.  There are even more in this region, not to mention nationally and globally.

It is fantastic to see so many women doing amazing things, and I felt honoured to share their workshop with them. It was such a beautiful day; when I arrived the energy in the room was already very high and positive. In the past, I have been honoured twice to be selected as a finalist, and I love how the women on this journey always support and champion each other. The awards committee also do a wonderful job of supporting the finalists, and this is why I was invited to share the day with them.

The awards are a very exciting time and can be emotionally charged. By knowing my own meaning and definition of success, I have been able to guide myself through this emotional journey in the past. If we don’t know what success means for us, then we won’t know when we are successful, because we won’t know what the evidence is. This can lead us to feeling we have lost something, or something is missing in different situations during our lives.

When we have full clarity and a deep understanding of what our own definition of success is then we can feel successful no matter what the outcome of any particular situation or event. It’s important to realise that success is different for everyone and because I always like to explore other viewpoints I contacted some of my colleagues to discover their own meaning and definition.

I also heard many wonderful definitions of success shared in the workshop and it didn’t surprise me at all in hearing these definitions that success had nothing to do with prestige or making lots of money.  Success could be about having a beautifully connected family, a loving relationship, fulfilling your purpose, having a healthy body and mind, living in alignment with your values, making a difference or having a balanced life. There are so many different meanings.

There is no right or wrong in this; it’s just about discovering what success means for you. When you know this, you have something meaningful to aim for and can enjoy it when you know you have it.

Remember a time when you felt incredibly successful.

We have all experienced times when we have felt incredibly successful. When you remember a specific time or event when you last felt this, it will help you begin to get clear on what success really means for you.

Create that picture in your mind.

As you remember that time, create a picture in your mind and see it as if you are looking through your own eyes. When you do this, it helps you truly connect with the success experience so you can start to get a feel for what success means for you in that moment.

Ask yourself what this experience means.

We all ask ourselves questions all the time, but when you ask yourself open-ended curious questions, you will be guided to the information you want.  Ask yourself, “What does this experience mean to me?”

What I have noticed in the work I do is that most people are already successful in quite a number of ways that mean a lot to them, and they don’t realise they are because they have never fully explored it. When they get a clear picture of what success means for them, they become even more confident and inspired.

So, I invite you to get curious, “What does success mean to you and how do you know when you are successful?”

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