Highlights From M2Moms Conference 2018 in New York


Highlights From M2Moms Conference 2018 in New York

In October I was invited to give the closing keynote address at M2Moms – The Marketing to Moms conference in New York.

Held in the Rockefeller Building, overlooking the majestic St Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue, this is the world’s leading event for brand leaders, researchers and marketers who specialise in marketing and selling to mothers. The event was sponsored by Google and was attended by Destination Maternity, Volvo, Crayola and AARP among others.

The conference runs over one and a half days. All presentations are short and punchy, never more than thirty minutes, ensuring you maximise your take-outs from multiple sources. Whilst the focus is mainly on mothers, it also covers trends and behaviours which impact a mothers decision making so it might also tap into the changing roles of grandparents and dads and the growing influence of kids on a mum’s purchasing.

It is the third year in a row I’ve flown more than 10,000 miles to be part of this event. I chose to attend this conference as it provides an excellent opportunity for mum experts to come together and share the latest trends, research, case studies and learnings with each other. I was honoured to be invited to deliver the closing keynote address amongst approximately 150-200 of my peers.

My presentation was titled ‘How Can Your Brand Survive In An Age Of Digital-Savvy Mums? 5 Tips Coming Up!’.


It focused on a growing challenge for marketers; how to connect, engage and convert digital-savvy mums.

Younger mothers are increasingly rejecting corporate sales messages; they are using ad-blockers, they don’t watch TV or listen to the radio favouring on-demand ad-free offerings such as Netflix and Spotify Premium. So how do you reach them?

My presentation shone a light on the characteristics of the emerging tech-first mother segment.

It provided five solutions to assist brands and marketers to overcome this growing challenge which included:

  • The power testimonials can have in building trust and credibility.
  • How the art of storytelling can help form strong connections and ultimately transform a business.
  • The important role customer experience plays in the way mums shop.
  • Why narrowing your focus and serving niche segments within the mum market is imperative for success.
  • How humour and empathy can make your brand stand out from the competition and create a legion of raving, loyal mums.

I then challenged them to implement one of these recommendations over the next twelve months and have asked them to share their results when I return in 2019.

I was very happy with the feedback I received. The attendees found the recommendations actionable, and I even received a message from one of the attendees a few hours after presenting to say that they had already actioned one of the recommendations and updated their marketing communications.

So it was with great delight that I have just been informed that, out of the 40+ high calibre speakers, I was voted the winner of the ‘Take the Cake’ Best Speaker award.

I believe it is the first time that an international speaker has won this award. I am humbled to receive this award as it is voted by the leading people in my industry.

Due to the success and interest in this presentation at the M2Moms – The Marketing to Moms conference, I have made this presentation one of my keynote speaking topics in 2019.

Next year I am looking to take with me a small number of marketers and business owners with me as part of a New York Study Tour to attend the M2Moms conference, as well as hear from other leading consultants and undertake a retail tour to identify new trends.

If you feel you need to learn more about marketing to mums from the world’s best, then please get in touch. It’s one not to be missed!

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