Here’s How to Hack Your Happy Hormones to Grow Your Small Business


Here’s How to Hack Your Happy Hormones to Grow Your Small Business

Do you feel that you can be a slave to your day? That it runs you instead of the other way around? Are you constantly running out of time, heading home tired and disappointed at the number of things you didn’t get to? Paradoxically to solve this you might just need to take some time out to save time.

By introducing a simple routine every hour to every 90mins, you will not only reset your brain but reenergise and get more done simply because you will fuel your mind and body rather than keep depleting it.

Here are 5 business and life hacks that will give you energy, focus your mind and make you happier and more productive. I suggest you set your phone alarm to alert you when it’s time to reset YOU.

1. Breathe deeply every hour

When you breathe deeply it indicates to the brain that you are either sleepy or relaxed. The brain will then send out the corresponding relaxation hormones to reinforce this state. You get back the focus and concentration you have lost by being overly stressed and you reenergise and detox all at the same time.

When we are working, we forget to breathe deeply and consciously giving our brain the ‘I am relaxed’ signal. Instead our shallow breathing sends an unconscious message to the brain that we are stressed and this is a continuous feedback loop from the mind to the body and visa versa. The stress hormones produced impact every aspect of our health. So, counter this by mindfully filling your lungs with air sitting up straight and relaxing your shoulders down. Genius right!

2. Stretch every hour

Again this is all about bringing our awareness back to the body, breathing deeply and loosening off the tension we accumulate by sitting inactive for long periods of time. We increase oxygen flow decompress muscles and take a brief mental break. Stand up and slowly reach for your toes or do a gentle spinal twist. You could also go hardcore and chuck in some dance moves just for fun.

3. Focus on someone or something you love

Ok I know this sounds romantic but consider this carefully. You know when you think about someone or something you love it makes you feel just a little bit squishy or excited. Your brain acts as though what you are thinking about is real so you get all the gorgeous and gooey benefits of happy hormones.

Who doesn’t need more of those when times get tough. All you have to do is focus on a loved one’s face or special activity and you get the boost. Go on, try it and feel that goofy smile take over your face. And smiling leads me to my next hack.

4. Smile at someone or better yet give them a hug

Virginia Satir (a well known and respected family therapist) once commented, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”

If you have kids or a partner you might like to ask them how important a hug is – to them. You may be surprised at the response and it could be the motivation you need to do it. There is so much research out there talking about the importance of touch and the positive impacts it has on our mental health. Hugging could be tricky at work so here’s the deal… get permission. No unsolicited hugs of the unwary unless previously agreed upon. Let’s face it some people are just not huggers.

If hugging is simply not an option just try a big beaming smile. People are taken by surprise, It happily breaks them out of the trance they are in and they instinctively smile back. And guess what?  This affects our brain chemistry as well because we smile when we are relaxed and happy so we get that positive hormone thing happening again! Are you seeing a theme here?

5. Focus on your big WHY… because it gets you focused

You remember the reason you started your business right? When you came up with it or it hijacked you in a blinding flash of the “OMG’s that’s what I want to do and this is the reason” you fixed your mind on a goal that looked like (insert your ultimate goal here). When we do that we activate a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System or RAS. The RAS has a primary job and that is to find what we are looking for. When you focus your mind on your big WHY the same excitement and enthusiasm endorphins (chemicals) that catapulted you into starting your business are released again… bonus.

All of the suggestions above demonstrate that you can manipulate the brain into doing what you want it to do… which is give you a feel good energy boost. We can get swamped and de-energised so pull yourself out of the mire and get hacking. You will arrive home happier, healthier and just in time to spread around some of your special goodness to the people you love.

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