Here’s 3 Ways to Use Facebook to Sell to Mums


Here’s 3 Ways to Use Facebook to Sell to Mums

Are you aware of just how much mums love social media? My marketing and research consultancy, Marketing to Mums, recently undertook a survey of more than 1800 Australian mums and discovered that an extraordinary 91% of mums reported that they access social media every day. More surprising is that almost 30% of Australian mums reported checking social media at least 11 times each day.

Facebook is by far the favourite platform for mums in Australia. If your business targets mums, a strong social media presence is critical to success. Here are three ways you can use Facebook to build your relationship, gather insights and drive sales amongst mums.

1. Share your brand story

Mums want to know you before they purchase from you.  They want to understand your brand values.  Your business journey can be just as important as the outcome for her, so it is incredibly important that you share your brand story regularly.  Facebook is a great medium to do this. 

The brand story should feature the owner of the business introducing themselves and welcoming new people to their Facebook community. They should share what motivated them to start their business and what they want to achieve from it.  I also strongly recommend that they share how they are going to make mums’ life easier.  This is often overlooked by many and incredibly important.

2. Use Facebook Live

If you are not using Facebook Live yet, then it is time to start…! There are many ways to reach mums on Facebook, but Facebook Live seems to be working best. If you haven’t tried it already, it’s really simple. It’s a video you record and broadcast live as you film it.

I have a client who is a health coach who targets mums, and she is using Facebook Live to share healthy recipes she cooks for her family twice a week.  This allows mums to gain some valuable information in a visual format and prospective clients can get to know the health coach and work out if she is a good fit for them.  She is fast building a community of mums who check in each week to gather a new recipe idea and learn more about healthy eating for the entire family. 

The format allows her to feature a call to action directing viewers to her website or to sign up to her email for more healthy meals ideas.  You could use Facebook Live to preview an upcoming event, pre-release new season stock, detail a special offer and engage mum in an easily digested format.

3. Join relevant Facebook Groups

There is a Facebook group for almost anything you can imagine. Marketing to Mums has revealed that 66% of Australian mums surveyed belong to a Facebook group which is just for mums.  These are private groups where mums can share their tips and recommendations about brand and products with other mums. I am aware of a very engaged Facebook group of mums that has more than 100,000 members.

Native advertising through Facebook Groups is one of the most overlooked opportunities available in social media right now and definitely worth considering. The administrator of each Facebook group is likely to hold great influence over the group. Approach the administrator and see if they do sponsored posts. 

I have a client who has featured in two different Facebook groups of mums. A single post has resulted in significant sales increases. The greatest obstacle is generally finding the groups so it might be beneficial to engage someone who has a solid understanding of the digital market and mums’ online behaviours to find the best groups for you to engage with your market.

For mums, Facebook is an invaluable source of information, support and entertainment, and as a result, the love of Facebook isn’t waning for mums. For you, Facebook can be a treasure trove of rich insights to learn more about your clients, access ideal clients, and grow deeper relationships. I firmly believe that strong relationships will grow your sales too.

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  • Lisa

    Love your work Katrina! Thanks for the helpful tips

    • Katrina McCarter

      Thanks Lisa. Means a lot from someone I see as being one of the best in the business at Facebook Live.

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