Have You Tried This Awesome Way to Make Your Business Stand Out?


Have You Tried This Awesome Way to Make Your Business Stand Out?

Make your business stand out with a book.

While more and more books are being self-published by entrepreneurs, business owners and experts in their fields, the vast majority of people still haven’t written and published a book, and that includes your competitors.

So, writing and publishing a book for your business and getting your book out there will make you and your business stand out.

If you create a great book and promote it well, this will separate you and your business from the other businesses in your industry. It will make you stand out as an expert and as an authority in your field, and your business will benefit accordingly.

The other way to make yourself stand out from the crowd is to publish a professional-standard book.

While the number of books being self-published has grown dramatically in recent years, many are still poor quality. Designers and printers with basically no experience working on books are jumping in to make a buck; editors with little or no experience with the complete publishing process are trying to produce books.

An author came to me recently who had used a self-publishing company to produce his first book. This company had done, frankly, a poor job. With this book, he had just glimpsed the potential of being a published author, but he knew his books didn’t represent him and his business very well.

The day after I sent him samples of some of the books we’ve produced, he rang me and basically said, “I don’t care how much it costs, just do my book like that!”

He knew what a powerful tool a book could be, but he also knew the finished product needed to be executed to a high standard or it would actually have the opposite of the intended effect; making his business look cheap and amateur.

Here are just a few of the many great things that can happen when you publish a high-quality, professional-standard book for your business:

  • You’ll attract new customers.
  • You’ll be seen as a leading expert in your field.
  • When writing, you’ll spend time thinking carefully about what you do every day, which will benefit your business.
  • You can gain publicity.
  • You can be invited to speak at events and conferences.
  • You can make new contacts for your business.
  • You can turn the book into blog posts.
  • You can use Amazon as a marketing platform.
  • You can use the book as a gift.
  • You can do book signings in bookstores.
  • You can put free sample chapters on your website.
  • You can promote your book in your email signature.
  • You can sell books through a range of retail outlets.
  • You’ll stand out from your competitors.
  • When you meet people, who have read your book, they will already feel like they know you.
  • You can carry copies of your book with you wherever you go and give away copies to anybody who might be interested.
  • You can develop the content in your book into other products for your business, such as a course.
  • You can sell copies on your website and collect the contact details of the people who purchase, to add to your email list (with their permission of course).
  • You can turn it into an audiobook.
  • You can submit your book for consideration to be placed in libraries.
  • You can get book reviews.
  • You can use a book launch to promote your business.
  • You can create a Facebook group for readers to interact.
  • You will gain feedback from readers that will help you develop your products and services.
  • You can use the book as a business card.
  • You can reach out to leading figures in your industry.

And this list is just the beginning.

Self-publishing a book is not just a great thing to do for your business, it is also an exciting and fun process.

While it’s also a lot of work, and you need to be ready for that, it’s very rewarding. I’ve worked with hundreds of authors who have seen great benefits to their businesses through having a book published.

So, what are you waiting for?

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