Hack Your Productivity With These Digital Insights


Hack Your Productivity With These Digital Insights

The digital world moves at lightning speed, every week, a new app, website or piece of software is released with promises to hack your productivity.

I am a certified geek (you only need to read my last article to confirm it). Someone who combs the tech magazines salivating at the latest widget.

My dopamine hit comes from app releases.

Downloading, learning, trialling and dismissing most of the stuff released. I have continued hope that the next app, the next website, the next piece of software will hold the productivity hack I had only dreamed of.

The joy in this for me is sharing these digital nuggets so you can avoid the digital wasteland.

And it is with that intention I offer three of my favourite digital productivity hacks for 2019. I’m not claiming all of these are new, some of them have been around for years – but they have either come across my radar this year or, I’ve found a better, smarter way to integrate them to hack the hack.

Oh, I should also say for the cynical readers amongst us (which usually includes me) I get no kickbacks or incentives for talking about these products… but I was so taken by HubSpot I’ve become an agency partner.

And so, in no particular order, I give you…

iPhone 11

This has quite possibly been my biggest productivity game changer in many years. You see, I live and work across regional Australia and what some ‘city folk’ may not realise is that mobile reception can be (at best) dodgy and (at worst) downright non existent in many of our wonderful regions. For years I found myself relying on two handsets in the hopes of capturing some kind of coverage and reception wherever I happen to find myself.

The iPhone 11 is the first time an Australian released iPhone allows two ‘sims’ in one handset. Meaning I can now have my primary Optus number and my secondary Telstra number without the need for two handsets.

Consider my already overflowing handbag and the joy in ditching the second phone. And knowing I can make a call or send an email on one device… Hooray!

Oh, and as other phone geeks are saying… the camera on this baby is phenomenal! No, seriously, try taking a photo in a room with no lights on and see what I mean.


More and more, we’re moving to work with remote teams. I don’t know about you but trying to make an articulate point about changes to a project rarely comes across the way it was intended via email.

Enter Loom, an application that sits in the background of your laptop (or iPad) and can capture a video recording without fuss or delays. You can screen capture, split screen and camera or just camera allowing you to explain your point with clarity and ease.

It’s also great for sharing a quick check in video with clients as you’re notified when the video has been watched.

Sure, there are other products like Loom on the market… it’s just I found Loom first, and it was so easy to use I’ve not had to look anywhere else.


This is one of those bits of software that has been around for ages, but this year I decided to go ‘all in’ and figure out how powerful this thing really is.

First of all, the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is Ahhmazing! And yes, I’ve tried a stack of them in my 30 years playing with this stuff. Uber intuitive and able to be used on laptop/desktop or iPad/ mobile (even Android if you live in that universe *smile*). 

Best of all, if all your business needs right now is a CRM then it is absolutely free. With no limits on the number of contacts or segments, you can create.

The power of this comes through when you connect it to your website, email and social media. Suddenly you’re getting a much clearer picture of your client interactions and touchpoints, leading you to better conversations and clearer communications.

And yep, all that… still free!

It’s when you start getting into the seriously cool stuff like landing pages, sequencing and automation that you’ll begin paying a monthly fee – but the point is, you can start to sort your business processes and interactions out now without paying a cent.

Sure, there is more work upfront but medium to long term – a MASSIVE digital way to hack your productivity.

So there you have it — three of my favourite digital methods to hack your productivity from 2019.

The thing I’ve come to realise over thirty years in this space is that there is no ‘lightbulb’ hack. No one piece of tech you’ll find and install that will not create additional work up front while you’re learning how to use it.

The things I’ve shared today are no different. But, if you take the time over the Christmas break to pick one area of your business, you’d like to hack. Lean in and learning that system fully.

You’ll start 2020 with a clearer focus and a stronger grasp of your business. And I’m sure that’s something we’d all like more of.

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