Have You Got Your ‘Peripheral Powers’ Switched on?


Have You Got Your ‘Peripheral Powers’ Switched on?

Q: What is ‘peripheral power’?

A: It’s when you are focused on achieving but continue to remain aware of what’s going on around you.

We all hit bumps in life, and that can have a direct impact on our business. When we are standing in a strong life position, it can shake a bit, but you will steady yourself instinctively. However, if you are pushing hard and don’t have your ‘peripheral power’ switched on, enabling you to steady yourself before the tremble, then that bump may have earth-quaking implications on every aspect of life, love and business.

Hitting rock bottom.

I’ve been there. In 2006 I experienced post-traumatic stress after an attack in my home. Everything I believed to be changed, everything I worked so hard to maintain was shifting, and it was beyond my control, it was a scary place to be.

Fortunately, my work as a tutor in a mental health environment gifted me the insight to confidently know that although I felt like I was losing my mind, my sanity was still within reach. And what I needed to do to survive was manage the fear, take a step back from things that weighed me down, honour the emotions that presented themselves and heal.

You see, I didn’t see it coming. But this time was different for me as I was in a vulnerable place in life and because I was low and tired from pushing on in a life that wasn’t for me anymore an earthquake hit and shook my whole core.

Tips to survive rock bottom:

  • Slow everything right down = space to heal.
  • Lift expectations of yourself = less stress.
  • Honour your emotions = release.
  • Focus on positives = a more positive outcome.
  • Why = are you pushing when you should be transitioning?

The only way is up.

I hit rock bottom, but hey, from rock bottom the only way is up.  For one whole year, I got through each day focused on my boys and the love I have for them. I learnt a lot about not being complacent when it comes to mental strength. I had thought I was invincible before and ignored the signs that I needed to stop pushing and I paid the ultimate price.

The biggest thing that happened during this time is that I stopped living outward and began a new adventure inward. Wow, my mindset changed and so did my strong links to the things that held me back.

I stopped living for others and began living for myself. I listened to my instinct instead of suppressing it, and the light began to shine again. I rediscovered myself in a whole new high-achieving light again.

Better than before.

The universe lets us know when we are not aligned and if we don’t listen and make the necessary shifts the signs get bigger and bigger until we do listen. Living authentically aligned to our core is where authentic success stems from. If you take the time to work from this place everything you pursue will be authentically you, people will see that.

Life happens, and there will always be bumps to endure, but I have learned that if you are connected to your ‘peripheral power’, you will instinctively know if you are on the right track and if a change is required you will know in your gut what it is.

In business we all have goals, pursuing them from a steady stance with our ‘peripheral power’ switched on means that we are aware of our surrounding and what may unsteady us. That way when bumps come, the impact is transitional, not detrimental.

I am glad to say that the outcome for me was a positive one. I may have lost my Wonder Woman powers for a time, but when I built myself up again, I discovered that what had weakened me had actually made me a stronger mum, business woman and genuine person.  With my ‘peripheral powers’ switched on I now live a fearless, love-filled life.

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