Good Manners in Business Will Never Go Out of Style


Good Manners in Business Will Never Go Out of Style

It is becoming too common to hear stories about how we’ve have lost our manners in business. How we’ve become so focused on the money that we’ve lost sight of what is important. So how do manners, proper etiquette and kindness affect us in the workplace?

Barbara Griffin, an organisational psychologist at the University of Western Sydney, conducted some research. The conclusion? Undermining colleagues can have an adverse impact on employee productivity and engagements. She found that victims of disrespectful behaviour are less engaged at work and less committed to their company.

As the business leader, you are responsible for the creating the culture.  You must lead by example and take the time to recognise the people that contribute to your business. When building a successful Small Business, it is important to have the right people on your team.

An example of a company that values their culture is Zappos. Zappos prioritise hiring people that fit within their culture. The hiring process is a slow one. After the initial interview stage, Zappos invites potential employees in to meet with departmental managers and staff. All new hires spend four weeks in the Zappos’ call centre to ensure they experience first-hand the business’s core value of delivering happiness to their customers.

When employees complete the Zappos’ review period, they are offered $4,000 to leave the company. If you don’t believe in the company culture or you’re not committed to the company’s goals; then they would prefer that people leave. I love it. This strategy ensures the majority of the people in your business are the correct cultural fit. Reducing staff turnover and enhancing productivity.

Just by ensuring the culture within your business is promoting good manners, your business will have more productive employees. Recognise your employees when they have gone above and beyond, it’s not that hard.   

“It is not enough to merely believe in recognition. You also have to BEHAVE like you believe in it.” -Eric Harvey

The following are some suggestions for including recognition as part of your culture:

  1. Good manners never go out of fashion. Show respect for your team. Say “thank you” and “please”.
  2. Recognise your employees’ passion. Think about offering your staff one or two hours every week to work on a project they’re passionate about. Passion and creativity are where innovation thrives.
  3. Send a letter to your employee’s family member, praising their efforts. (this is probably one of the most powerful untapped recognition tools).
  4. Have an employee of the month within your business and have a trophy that sits on their desk.
  5. In your HR newsletter. Each week submit a piece on why a certain people deserves recognition.
  6. Treat your employees well. And they will look after your customers, which looks after the bottom line. 

The simple things in life are often the most effective. Don’t let your busy, hectic, demanding schedule get in the way of saying “thank you”. Take time to be kind, and you’ll see the difference it can make to your business. A final piece of advice. Don’t mistake kindness for weakness in business. Old-school dictator management is a thing of the past.

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