Give Yourself the Gift of a Weekly Management Meeting With Self


Give Yourself the Gift of a Weekly Management Meeting With Self

Whether I’m stressed at work or not depends on one thing: whether I have had my management meeting with self or not that week. It is a powerful ritual to spend quiet time alone, managing your work and your life.

I started this ritual a long time ago and have learnt some useful tips which I will share. When I first wrote about becoming your own best manager by having a ‘management meeting with self’, I had seen the success of my clients including this weekly meeting into their diaries, and I had seen how strongly it influenced how I managed to juggle my responsibilities and grow in the process. But it was since then that I have noticed some patterns that make the ‘management meeting with self’ work well, and I’ll share them here.

Before you start, decide whether the regular time is 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour and stick to it. Then remind yourself what your goals are (at work and in other aspects of your life) and get going. 

Your Management Meetings with Self are likely to be successful if you do these ten things. 

1. Diarise

Put the meeting in your diary each week. 

2. No excuses

Don’t let anything get in the way of having your meeting

3. Agenda

Create an agenda and stick to time.

4. Look back and look forward

Do a retrospective and a plan, but no tasks. Instead, plan those tasks and diarise them. 

5. Start with pen and paper

Switch off all devices for the first half. Allow yourself to write and to think and to doodle. 

6. Don’t be distracted by devices

By all means, use your electronic diary or task board for the second half of the meeting but don’t allow yourself to wander off into distractions.  

7. Be kind but firm

Imagine you are your own best manager, and that you are expecting your highest game, but with understanding. 

8. Refer to plans

Your management meeting with self is to move you closer to goals and to allow you to alter your path and actions as needed. 

9. Be agile

The best agile practices help you to be flexible and make real time decisions, shifting direction if needed. The Management Meeting with Self is similar to a Sprint team meeting in Agile methodology. 

10. Accountability buddy

Get someone to hold you to account that you’ve had the meeting. No details, just yes or no to whether you did it. 

There’s something reassuring about knowing that you’ve spent a bit of time in review each week, and there is no doubt it has a great impact on reaching your goals. Perhaps the real win, though, is the element of self-care. No Management Meeting with Self is complete unless it has taken into account all your life goals – for health, wealth, connection, collaboration, education and service.

By the end of each meeting, you should leave feeling that the time was well spent and that you’ve put yourself back together through the most important ritual of the week – your time with yourself. 

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