Give a Triple Win Gift This Christmas


Give a Triple Win Gift This Christmas

Socks, soaps and salt lamps; are they really what your friends and family want for Christmas?

They may use a particular brand of socks or hate certain scents in soaps (I can’t deal with cloves, for instance), and a salt lamp might be great for one person but a very odd gift to another. If any of your friends and family are business owners, I have a different idea. Give them something that helps their business and will result in a Triple Win.

Think about the Small Business owners you know and the stories they have told you about how hard it is to succeed. I have heard hundreds of stories over the years from coaching clients and colleagues in small business about their challenges. The two core challenges I hear about most are a lack of time and a lack of sales. When I ask, as I often do, what a fairy godmother would do if she turned up on the doorstep of their Small Business, the answer is usually, “Get on with everything else so I can do what I do best.” A few further questions usually reveal a deep need to just get clients over the line and to pay for the service the Small Business owner offers and is good at.

So how does this relate to giving a gift at Christmas? Well, if you want to value what your friend or family member does in their Small Business, understand their needs and help them, you can give them a gift that will help them save time and increase sales. Here are some ideas:

1. Give the gift of a recommendation.

20 minutes of your time wordsmithing an informative and realistic recommendation for the goods or services they offer will be of more value than socks, soaps and salt lamps. Recommendations play a big role in purchasing behaviour, and your recommendation might be just what is needed.

2. Give the gift of posting your recommendation in the right place.

You might have to check where the recommendation will be most useful to the person you are gifting it to. Is it on their Google Business listing? On LinkedIn? On their Facebook page? Or is it in a group where potential clients of the business owner hang out. Recently someone posted a recommendation of the book Marketing to Mums by Katrina McCarter in a group where the book’s ideal audience hang out. The book shot to the top of Amazon because so many women raced out and bought it. One recommendation; what a gift.

3. Give the gift of time.

Make a lovely time-voucher and give it to the business owner. Something like: “This voucher entitles the bearer to three hours of my time as a gift.” You don’t know what the recipient will need, but it could be something you are particularly skilled at, or it could be just lending a hand to do a declutter of their office. There is nothing more generous than the gift of time.

4. Give the gift of being a customer.

Choosing gifts (goods or services) from business owners you know to give as Christmas gifts is a great option. It’s a bit like shopping local; you’re shopping in your community of interest. You’ll be bringing new customers to the business owners you know which is helping them with future sales. Best, of course, is if you buy from someone you know to give to someone you know needs that very thing. Ah, a perfect Triple Win.

5. Give the gift of a Triple Win.

As you plan each gift, think about whether there is one more win that you can add to the usual win-win of ‘I buy for you and feel good, and you receive and feel good’. Is there a possible third component to create a Triple Win? For instance, if a business you know is donating a portion of sales to a great cause you’re adding an extra win. Someone else benefits at the same time. Or give a gift to two people who are keen to meet up after a long absence to do something together (like a membership to the National Parks). That’s a win all round.

If you do choose to give an object this Christmas, do think about where it was sourced, and who might have been harmed in the process. Just this consideration will make any gift into a Triple Win; by not supporting sweatshops or child labour you are creating another win.

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