How to Get the Most From Your Team Meetings


How to Get the Most From Your Team Meetings

When most people see a team meeting in their calendar, they see it as an unproductive hour of the day they will lose – and many resent that. This attitude comes from people attending meetings which aren’t organised, where no real purpose is identified and the information being shared could just as easily have been emailed to them. 

The good news is that this is a problem which can be easily solved. Team meetings can and should deliver great results. Whether you’re a Small Business or a big one, these sessions should be seen as a valuable strategy to bring your team together, develop your staff and advance your business.

Here are a few tips to get the most from your team meetings:

Let everyone sit in the big chair

Who chairs your meetings? It doesn’t need to be the same person every time. Consider rotating the chairperson as this experience can develop the confidence of your employees. They can learn how to manage a meeting and it also provides them with valuable experience of speaking in front of a group. Employees will feel that they are making a valuable contribution – because they are.

Be creative – or get a creative person to help you

Use a variety of formats to deliver messages. When I first came across online polling, I integrated it into a team meeting to inject some fun and variety. I had 18 people in my team and when they left they were on a high – simply from the unexpected. Heck, I’ve used hangman to reiterate crucial points and gain engagement. I am hopeless at drawing (hence why I’m confident with hangman) but is there a cartoonist in your team? How could they help deliver messages? Play with different delivery communication strategies as it helps to keep the meetings fresh and people’s interest high.

Book them in ahead of time

Most people will plan their day before they arrive at work or make it their first task of the day. They will consider when they will take a break for lunch, identify their pressing jobs to be done first and check their calendar. Knowing they have a meeting will help them plan their day efficiently so make sure you book them ahead of time. Are you contributing to an efficient workplace by being prepared and booking meetings early?

Thanks for coming… and staying

Before the end of every team meeting, I thanked every person in the room, individually. The previous weeks had been ridiculously busy. People had been unexpectedly away and a new IT system didn’t deliver what we expected, yet those at work completed all tasks required. The feedback I delivered was specific e.g.

Thank you Celia for monitoring the team inbox and assigning tasks to the rest of the team while Jerry was away sick. This contributed to all inbox tasks being completed on time.”

I also publicly thanked those in the team who were away that day. This showed the team how much I valued them as people, employees and how they worked together as an efficient team. And wow! They left on such a high that day which no amount of sugar could deliver and created a buzz which lasted for three days. How could you acknowledge the work of your team members in a team meeting?

Sharing something personal

Another item I always add to my team meeting agendas is for everyone to share something nice, which is not work-related, that had happened to them over the previous week. Many people may work together for years but know so little about each other’s personal interests. It really helps with team cohesion. Again, something sugar (or money) can’t buy.

Holding a team meeting plays an important part in developing your team. If you are wanting to promote working together, team cohesion and a fantastic workplace culture then get cracking on planning fabulous, fun and functional team meetings today!

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