Get More Clients by Nailing These 3 Things


Get More Clients by Nailing These 3 Things

According to this article in Forbes, coaching is a rapidly growing industry.

And that means it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the noise. I hear from a lot of coaches that they’re struggling to get clients, in part because it’s kind of hard to explain what it is that they do.

While you could put lots of money and effort into the latest marketing trends, there are 3 other things you can also consider doing. The first is being clear about your passion, the second is having experience, and the third is developing your Intellectual Property (IP) assets.

I even have a model for it:

1. Passion.

It’s easy to skip over this and just say, “Oh, I can coach anyone through anything.” But think about it this way: If you were a dentist and you were looking for someone to help you with some business development, would you go to a generic business coach or to a coach who only coaches dentists? Which one looks more attractive?

The coach who coaches dentists, right?

That’s why it’s really key to get laser clear on three things:

  • What’s your own ‘Why’?
  • ‘Who’ do you serve? (Be really specific. This isn’t like choosing a favourite child, I promise.)
  • ‘What’ problems do you solve? ‘What’ solutions do you provide?

Having this kind of clarity makes you super attractive to potential clients. It’s easier for them to say “Yes” to working with you when they know your passion, who you serve and what solutions you provide.

2. Experience.

Every successful coach and thought leader started at the bottom. They started in the same chaotic way as everyone else, but through clarifying their message and working with clients, they began to get more and more experience. Experience means that you’ve worked with many clients and have proven results. You’ve got runs on the board. It shows that you know what you’re doing.

Through that experience, you’ll start to see patterns. And when you start to see patterns in the problems that clients are coming to you with and the ways you’re helping them through those problems, you can start to build your IP assets.

3. IP assets.

IP assets are what will really take your credibility as a coach to the next level. A study published in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition showed that students were better able to recall information if there was a visual diagram to help them. In other words, people are able to recall information better if there is a visual model.

It becomes more real. More tangible to them. This is part of the reason I am so, so, so passionate about helping coaches and thought leaders to develop their IP assets; including frameworks, methodologies, etc. and turning them into pictures.

These pictures are amazing at helping you to articulate what you do and how you get results with your clients. You can visually show them how you’re going to solve their problem. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

I know this works. I had a client who used a visual model in a pitch for a corporate contract and won the contract because he had a visual representation of his methodology.

For example, here’s a visual representation of the steps to mastering the fundamentals of being a Content Manager:

You start getting Clarity around the role and what it encompasses, then you move through to System, Strategy, Organising and Leveraging. From first-hand experience, when I walk people through my own visual models, I don’t need to start a sales conversation; they ask me.

Having IP assets is the key to easily winning more clients, but you can only build those assets after you’ve nailed your passion and have the experience to back up your methodology.

What parts of the puzzle have you nailed so far?

So there you have it. If you nail these 3 things, I guarantee that you’ll have more luck standing out from the crowd and it’ll be a lot easier to get more clients.

Looking at the above model, which parts have you nailed and which ones are you working on?

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