How to Be Forever Remembered as a Public Speaker


How to Be Forever Remembered as a Public Speaker

Whats your signature move as a public speaker?

If you have one, your signature move as a public speaker, is a gesture, body pose or position that you repeat during your speeches that is uniquely you. You become known for it; your audience loves it, and you will be unforgettable because of it. Of course, it is not mandatory to have a signature move to be a great public speaker Well, not unless you want to be remembered.

Here are 3 signature (body language) moves from three world-famous superstars that you will likely know and love (as much as I do) whom as public speakers we can learn from: 

Signature move 1 Usain Bolt – Worlds Fastest Man. 

Yes, the worlds fastest man, Jamaican sprinter, world record holder and Olympic Champion. Usain Bolt’s signature move, the Lightning Boltor the Boltmanis so well known, he has a series of his own emojis (known as Bolt-mojis). This move is used in a spontaneous way as he does it to celebrate victories and while doing so entertains the crowd.

This signature move is so amazing that people automatically cannot stop themselves from trying it! We all naturally want to do the Boltman. We want to be just like Usain; we want to be like this champion. With Usain Bolts signature move, its not about getting the move itself, its about the funyou have doing it because you feel like you are him, and he is so damn cool, so you feel cool too. Thats what makes it fly! 

Signature move 2 – Michael Jackson – The King of Pop.

Ok, we are talking classic MJ here, and he had a suite of signature moves. Michael Jackson used this pose at the end of a performance; the final image he left with his audience. He stood with his head to the side and tilted down, hand on his hat, which was also tilted, and arm outstretched, with a spotlight shone on him. Michael also had the famous pose where he stood up on his toes, yes ballerina style, with bended knees.

The King of Pops poses were so unique and memorable. Simply by taking a glance at one pose, generations of people are taken back in time to younger days. Feelings are associated with this image, sentiments of a magical era where we grew up while seeing this genius at work. Michael Jackson gave us memorable moments that will live on forever. Such is the power of a signature pose in public speaking.

Signature move 3 – Freddie Mercury – The Ultimate Showman.

Freddie Mercury was the ultimate showman. It was the combination of his vocal power and talents, as a result of many years of experimenting with his voice and his innovative style, along with his power body language. Freddie Mercury’s signature pose is the ultimate alpha stance; the Rock God. Legs apart and straight, one arm up to the sky, the other down holding the mic stand, wearing the yellow jacket and white pants with the red stripes.

Freddies powerful presence shines through just looking at this pose. In fact, if you had an action figure of this pose, people can instantly guess who it is. So famous is his signature pose, there is a statue of it in Montreux Switzerland.

These are three of the worlds most famous moves. The worlds top performers have given us memory makers with their signature moves; they will live on within us forever.

So, what about your best move? In the case of you and your signature move as a public speaker; you may find that you can discover this hidden within your content. It doesnt have to be grandiose; it could be subtle. For example, it could be a click of your fingers, doing something with your hand, or a dance move (perhaps you could bring back the worm).

My signature move is when I invite my audience to join me in my mission. My mission being when it comes to public speaking; lets ban boring and have fun! My arms are outstretched, palms are open, and my whole body is inviting the audience to join me.

A signature move does not have to be reserved for the famous! You can have your own signature move as a public speaker. Consider what yours could be. What are you thinking? You can get creative with this; the possibilities are endless. Feel free to share your ideas with me in the comments below. I can help to bring your signature move out of you, and you too can be remembered forever.

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