Finding Love and Compassion in Tumultuous Times.


Finding Love and Compassion in Tumultuous Times.

Finding Love and Compassion In Tumultuous Times.

 Tumultuous events from around the world have recently been on my mind. From the horror of Christchurch to the after effects of the cyclone in Mozambique and more, I have been impacted by the scale of human suffering. 

My wife and I have been finding our way through this. Recently I read an article by Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, Kindness and Gratitude When The World Has Gone Mad, and it inspired me to share some of my thoughts about coping.

When I have looked inside and also observed others coping I have been struck by two recurring acts of Love and Compassion and how they are a part of coping with the human condition in tumultuous times. 

Love and Compassion are elements of healing and coping that we can apply to ourselves, to those around us and to our communities in general.

We need to find ways to be present in our lives that let us balance our emotions and honour our responsibilities to others.  

Let The Love In:

I have learned, witnessed and been reminded that letting love into our lives can assist us through the tough times.

There are three areas of love that can make an impact.

1. Before doing anything else, it is important to connect with your inner love. Allow yourself some time to love yourself. For some people, this also means connecting with their spirit and or the higher power(s) of their faith. This type of love is a high form of self-care.

2. Allow yourself to have a loving connection with those around you. Reach out to those you love be it friends, family or colleagues. Share your love and concerns with them. This can be both nourishing and comforting to you and them.

3. Find a way to connect into your community with love. This could mean attending events. For example, after the terror of Christchurch, my wife and I attended a candlelight vigil in Sydney and also went to visit our local mosque where they invited us in to join them for their evening prayers and food.

Connect With Your Compassion:

Connecting with our compassion is also an excellent way to cope. When we do this, we give space for emotions we are not usually allowed to feel, at least publically, such as sadness, grief or even anger.

There are three expressions of compassion that I have learned can assist us with healing and or coping.

1. Be compassionate towards yourself. Give yourself a break if you are feeling rough around the edges. We all have a huge gambit of emotions, so being self-compassionate gives you the space to process them.

2. Be compassionate towards those who are close to you. We might not mean to, but when things get tough, sometimes we get impatient with those closest to us. Remember they too might be sitting with some heavy thoughts that are affecting the way they are acting.

3. Find ways to be compassionate in your local communities. This brings us together and makes us all stronger. When we visited the local Mosque out of our need to show compassion we learned much about love and forgiveness. The themes of the night were; that we cannot fight the dark with dark, that love instead of hatred is the way forward and that we can still find love for a fellow individual who has committed terrible actions.

Love and Compassion Can Be Applied Everywhere

I want to leave you with the idea that Love and Compassion can be applied everywhere. Not just in your personal life but also in your social life and even your business life. It does not mean you have to give hugs to everyone but rather exist with a state of mind that allows you and those around you to cope, heal and flourish.


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