Feeling Overwhelmed? Tips to Help You Take Back Control and Get the Job Done


Feeling Overwhelmed? Tips to Help You Take Back Control and Get the Job Done

Do you ever find that even with the truest of intentions and planning you are not keeping on top of the endless list of to-do’s needing to be consistently addressed for your business to move forward?

This could be due to underestimating timeframes, priority changes or social media stealing an un-retrievable portion of your day. You are not alone! I have an answer for you; the key to mastering this problem is easy, “Stick with it until it is done.”

I know that it may not be the magic wand solution you had hoped for, but it is the only way. I love my Small Business so much. I love helping authors produce their books; it is my passion that every author has a positive publishing experience. We all have so much knowledge to share and what more powerful way to share our wealth of mind than through the written word.

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See, I am passionate about books and publishing! However, that does not mean that at times work piles up, I feel overwhelmed, and nothing seems to get done. Can you connect?

I have come to understand how I can take back control of this situation. I hope that my experiences can help you too. I begin by doing the one thing I feel that I should really not do when there is an overflowing inbox on my desk; I go for a walk around our nearby lake. It helps me to clear the haze in my mind, gifting me renewed clarity to get started again.

I take the time I need to write a realistic to-do-list I will stick to, keeping it beside me to ensure I stay on track. The most important thing I recommend you do is to dedicate your key focus directly on the job in hand. It is through this commitment of focusing full energy on one task at any given time that I deem to be a crucial element to success.

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This is my process for getting the job done. You may find a more superior process that works for you, and that’s great. Having a process in place for getting through your workload is the most important element, it could be something you become renowned for doing most consistently. You may even discover that your subconscious mind takes over and it becomes a process that you perform naturally. How wonderful would that be?

My top tips to getting the job done are:

1. Take time out to refocus.

When everything is disorganised taking time out to refocus can be the best thing you can do.

2. Get organised.

When you are organized, you will feel more on top of things.

3. Commitment.

Stick with it to keep on top of your game.

4. Consistency.

Be consistent with how you organise and approach each to-do-list, and it will become less taxing on you.

5. Assess.

It is important to be aware if your business is growing beyond a level you can manage. You may need to outsource or consider employing someone. How exciting that your business is doing so well that this becomes an option. Well done!

We can all become overwhelmed with our workload from time to time, especially during periods of growth. Getting the job done is paramount in achieving success so managing your workload is important. It can make the difference between being a business with longevity or a business that becomes a flash in the pan.

So, it is important to take a moment of contemplation to ask yourself, “What do I want for my business?”

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