Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Time to Refocus


Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Time to Refocus

It is hard to believe we are already weeks into the New Year.

If you have been like me, you may have already engaged in a gamut of experiences ranging from the good, to the bad, to the unexpected and have found yourself within a new momentum. This may seem overwhelming and possibly even confusing.

My momentum shifted gear as these things took me in a new direction and I needed to find my feet again. I realised though that with these experiences that there was a way through that I would like to share with you.

As these experiences, even the good ones, were distracting for me I remembered that there were three foundational things I could be doing to assist with refocusing:  

1. Accepting.

I remembered that a powerful way of moving through life is to accept my experiences as they were. With this came recognising that what has occurred in the past is not necessarily occurring in the present. Even if we change our thinking around experiences at a later time our initial emotions and reactions need to be acknowledged, as they were what arose immediately and imprinted the experience upon us. Doing this helps us to assess what occurred.

When we deny and or resist what has occurred, or we repeatedly dwell on it, we have the potential to get stuck in that past moment. If we do this, we run a risk of not learning from the good, the bad or even the unexpected and even possibly missing what we need to be attending to in the present moment.

When we acknowledge what has occurred and accept the emotions that arose with these experiences we can start to shift some of the unhelpful patterns we can get into around the past and regain our power in the present moment.

2. Utilizing routine.

Now, what do I mean by utilising routine? What I am talking about here is creating space. Sometimes I know that I need to create space to think about and process what has occurred. What this means is looking at the routines I have and shifting things around to make space for some focused thought on what has occurred.

I know that when I do not give myself proper processing time that unhelpful thoughts can recur at inopportune times. They can intrude on my thinking and distract me from what I need to be doing. By giving myself space for this, I can learn from what has occurred and assist myself with the process of acceptance as well. Making a shift in my routine to contemplate what has occurred can assist me with my analysis and making better decisions.

3. Redefining.

Learning to redefine experiences can be a great foundation for finding a new focus. I am not talking about making something up to feel better about a past experience but rather using the tools at our disposable for analysing and learning in order to have more clarity.

As often can be the habit when we have an experience it seems whole and complete on its own. I have learned that when we turn our analytical skills towards these experiences, we can start to expand on our understanding of them. For things that may appear as failures, for instance, we can draw lessons from them to make better decisions. Redefining assists with gaining a sense of control over these situations. When we use our inquisitive and critical thinking, the redefinition actually becomes an expression of our learning.

When we take the time to accept what we have experienced, to make space for contemplation, and then use our analytical skills to review what has occurred, we can create a new focus using our past experiences to better serve our goals and aspirations.

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