My Favourite Business Podcasts of 2017


My Favourite Business Podcasts of 2017

If you have read any of my other Smallville articles over the past year, you will have no doubt picked up that I love podcasting.

Knowing I can tap into information, entertainment and content aimed directly at my interests at a time and a place that suits me ticks all my boxes. Not only do I help people create podcasts, but I also spend a lot of time listening to, and seeking out new podcasts to consume.

It’s little wonder then that one of the first questions people ask when they know my involvement with podcasting is, “What’s your favourite podcast?” To me, that’s like asking who your favourite child is, nevertheless, the question continues. To avoid the hot, sweaty feeling of pressure when faced with that question I decided to group my podcast interests, so, when I’m faced with the ‘favourite’ question, I can immediately fire back and ask what their interests are.

Now, given this is a business site, I’m going to assume you have an interest in all things business, marketing and sales. Leading with that presumption, I thought I’d share my favourite ‘business’ podcasts for 2017.

In no particular order:

Business Over Breakfast.

Let’s start with a home-grown one, hosted by our very own mayor of Smallville, Mr Andrew Griffiths and his co-host Bree James. This show has a conversational feel and contains a few laughs along the way. Don’t be fooled though, the content goes in-depth, and the tips are those you can utilise in your business immediately.

Great to consume on a drive or over your morning coffee. You can find Business Over Breakfast on iTunes.

The GaryVee Audio Experience.

If you don’t know who Gary Vee is by now then you’ve probably stumbled on this page by accident. Straight up I’m going to say this podcast also infuriates me as some of the episodes have the worst audio quality of any podcast I’ve ever listened to, which can make it really hard to hang in there.

But, if you can deal with the audio issues you will always find some nugget of gold in an episode. Something you hadn’t considered or a kick up the bum delivered in true GaryVee style. The episode lengths vary from around five minutes to around 30 minutes, so you’ll always find one that will fit your time window.

Give it a go, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You can find The GaryVee Audio Experience on iTunes.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.

Ok, ok … I know at least one of you is asking what am I thinking adding an Oprah podcast in with a business list. Quite simple really; if you’re not on your best game mentally and emotionally, you can’t be entirely present for your business.

Now, I’m not saying every episode is going to be something that gives you an “Ah ha” moment, but I am suggesting this year to broaden your understanding of yourself as a business owner to become better at what you do.

And let’s face it, it’s Oprah, so you know she’s going to get some pretty amazing guests. Like Former Vice President Joe Biden or Dr Maya Angelou and the list goes on.

All I’m saying is give this one a go; you might just be surprised where the episode takes you. You can find Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations on iTunes.

10% Happier with Dan Harris.

I’m only a recent convert to this one, and to be honest some of the episodes I find myself listening to on 2x speed or not making the whole way through. For the most part, though, the conversations Dan has with his guests are intimate and thought-provoking.

Maybe you’ve read his book (if you haven’t, it’s a good read). The 10% happier premise has some excellent take-home bits of advice for any business owner, and, is a great podcast to download for a plane trip (most episodes are a Sydney – Brisbane commute).

Check out the episodes featuring the Dali Lama. It’s a great starting point. You can find 10% Happier with Dan Harris on iTunes.

Hopefully, you find something in the list that sparks your interest and adds value to your day. Of course, there are a tonne of other business podcasts out there that I didn’t include or haven’t gone into, but I encourage you to utilise the search function within iTunes and do some research for yourself. Read a few reviews, download an episode and give it a try. Research suggests if you don’t like it you’ll switch off in the first 5 minutes anyway.

Do you have a favourite business podcast? I’m always on the hunt, so why not drop a comment below and let me know if you’ve found something you think I should listen to.

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