What an Entrepreneur Speaker Needs to Stand Out and Speak Like a Pro


What an Entrepreneur Speaker Needs to Stand Out and Speak Like a Pro

Did you realise that there are some key things you need as an entrepreneur speaker so that you can ‘wow your audience and look like a pro?

Before I delve into these keys, let’s talk about the entrepreneur speaker. An entrepreneur speaker is a business owner who knows the value of public speaking to their business. This person gets that public speaking is the most powerful way of connecting with your ideal client in such a personal way so that you then can leverage your brand and promote your services.

Too many business owners make their presentations using the style of public speaking they learnt in school; the ‘old’ way. The expert stands out the front and lectures, and in some cases even preaches at the audience.

What they may like to consider is the approach of the ‘new’ way. That is that public speaking is a dialogue, not a monologue. That it is a two way, multi-layered and dynamic conversation. In other words, engage your audience!

So, if you want to make sure you are in the latter of the two descriptions, I invite you to take on these three secrets to make sure your packaging of you as a speaker is en pointe.

The 3 secret things every entrepreneur speaker needs to speak like a total professional:

1. A point of difference.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you probably have competitors who deliver the same or similar products or services as you. What sets you apart though as an entrepreneur speaker is your point of difference about your product or service.

Make your point of difference sharp as; keep refining it and polish the ‘gem’ until it is crystal clear and unlike any other. Note that this can be your personality. If you can engage your audience and show who you are, that may be enough that they will want to buy from you, because they like you. Of course, you want to gain their trust and let them get to know enough about you to feel safe as well.

2. A Speaker One Sheet.

A Speaker One Sheet is a key marketing tool for you as a speaker. It is more than ‘just’ a speaker bio because in it you want to go into the ‘value’ you can add to the audience, establish who you are and how you help people with your public speaking.

Your Speaker One Sheet must include these:

  • Short bio (credibility builder).
  • 3 takeaways that the audience will benefit from (3 is the magic number).
  • Social proof or testimonials (nothing sells like proof).
  • Contact details (well, if you want them to find you).

I think it’s important here to also include your tag, your key branding phrase that sums up in one sentence what you bring to the audience. For example, when it comes to public speaking, Anna says, “Let’s have fun!” The foundational phrase you are known for and are memorable for.

3. An audience focus.

When it all boils down, no-one cares about ‘what you do’; they care about how you can help them to shift along their problem-solving scale; relieve them of their pain and suffering.

Remember this: INAY-IAYA = It’s Not About You, It’s About Your Audience.

Make your presentation all about solving their problem; being of service, contributing to their growth, helping the planet. Be able to show how you can help. Once the ‘value’ is clear, trust is built.

Give ‘value’. Be able to show what that ‘value’ is. Deliver ‘value’. When you can show your ‘value’, your sales will skyrocket.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    Great advice Anna. I’ve been doing so many guest speaking gigs this year and all of these keys are important. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anna Perdriau

    Thanks so much Renee – keep rocking your speaking gigs!!

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