Why Your Emotional State Can Either Make or Break Your Small Business


Why Your Emotional State Can Either Make or Break Your Small Business

Starting a Small Business can be a really challenging experience and those early start up stages can be filled with many highs and lows. I am four years into my business, I can see that I am finally coming to the end of my start up phase and during that time I’ve learned many things.

One important thing I have learned is the importance of looking after my own emotional wellbeing, because there’s not much point in going out there expecting to attract business with a big sour look on your face, or looking worn out and tired.

I was out the other morning for my usual brisk walk and I passed a number of four legged friends out taking their owners for a walk. I feel so good when I see these little fury friends, because they always look happy and greet me with enthusiasm. I say hello to them or give them a pat, I give the owner a smile and hello and I am on my way.

And it’s the same with us humans, it’s easy for someone to chat and say hello to us if we look happy to see them and we don’t have to wag our tail to do it.

People are attracted to people that they like and we all know how good it feels to be around happy positive people, we like them right?

So it makes sense to look after our emotional wellbeing so we can be happy and positive and because of this people will be more attracted to us.

Friends and colleagues often comment that I am always smiling and look happy. This comes with practice and looking after my own emotional wellbeing. I have been doing this for the last few years and it has helped me stay sane during the most challenging times.

Start the day feeling grateful

Each morning take some time to focus on the things or people in your life that you are grateful for. When you do this you build a state of appreciation, this will affect how you are feeling and because of this people see you differently. When you are practicing this regularly, you will also manifest with more ease.

You can write this down or you might practice out on your morning walk, it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you allow time for it. Now if you think this is a bit woo woo, talk to Richard Branson, according to Business Insider, this is part of his morning practice too.

Move your body daily

Exercise gives you a natural high because it releases endorphins and feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine into your blood stream. When you do this daily, especially in the morning if possible, you can start your day in a really good mood and with a smile on your face. This doesn’t have to be intense cardio exercise if that’s not your thing, even a brisk walk will give you the benefits.

Focus on the great things

Part of being in Small Business is finding a way over the inevitable hurdles.  What I have noticed is that many people focus on those hurdles and talk a lot about them. When you do this, it affects your emotional state, you might feel frustrated or annoyed and this reflects in your behaviour.

When you turn it around and focus majorly on the great things and the achievements, your emotional state becomes more uplifted, your body language changes and this affects how others relate to you. So make a point of regularly focusing on your achievements and the highlights of your week, maybe even have a space in your diary where you can reflect on this.

Look at the end of the day, we are in business to succeed at what we are doing and a lot of that is changing and improving ourselves so we can achieve what we want. Always remember that people are attracted to people who it feels good to be around and when you look after your own emotional wellbeing, there is far more possibility you will be one of those people.

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