How to Effortlessly Increase the Efficiency of Your Business with Microsoft Templates


How to Effortlessly Increase the Efficiency of Your Business with Microsoft Templates

Productivity isn’t about busy work. It’s about being effective. I have over twelve years’ experience helping clients to create courses in the most efficient and effective manner. Ad hoc and messy document creation processes is one of many ineffective and inefficient systems I’ve seen time and time again.

As a passionate course creator, I solve problems efficiently and effectively. That’s my job. Here is my tip for document creation that I recommend to my clients all the time, who are mostly coaches and entrepreneurs looking to leverage their time and grow their businesses through creating group courses and programs. But this tip can be implemented in any business that needs to create professional looking documents on a regular basis.

Get MS Word and Powerpoint templates designed by a professional and implement them in your business. This simple step can save you hours of time and money in design work.

Individual document design can cost you thousands in the long run.

I had a client who was paying thousands of dollars (yes, thousands!) to a graphic designer to create his worksheets for every single event he ran. He would type up what he wanted into an MS Word document, then send it to the designer. The designer would then make it look awesome in InDesign. The worksheets would come back and needed to be proofread again. For one particular event, it took about three rounds of proofing before everything was perfect.

In my opinion, this was a great example of over-engineering and not the best use of time and money. It was frustrating for my client who was haemorrhaging money and time.

Work smarter, not harder.

“Efficiency is about doing things right; effectiveness is about doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

Streamlining your systems is key.

In today’s tech-driven society we are swamped with so many systems and options that it’s easy to get lost in systems and processes that make your life harder.

Take document design. You could spend hours of your day in busy work, getting a document designed by a designer. You play hours of email tag with rounds of proofing, edits, and heaven forbid if you need to change anything after the final document comes through. Talk about a nightmare!

The three key ways getting document templates designed improves your systems:

1. You do it once.

Get your templates designed once, and you’re set. You just open your templates, put your information in and you’re good to go. (Unless you go through a rebrand, of course)

2. Saves you money on design.

The outlay to get your templates designed first go may seem more expensive than getting one or two documents designed here and there. But if documents are a key part of your business model, the money you save all up will be worth it.

3. Speeds up the process of creating documents to use in your business.

Creation and review of documents can happen internally, by you or by a small team, rather than going back and forward with a designer. This will speed up document creation and delivery – whether you need workbooks for a seminar, flyers for an event, or a proposal for potential new client. There’s no need to go back and forth with a designer all the time.

Action steps

  1. Make a list of your commonly used documents including slide shows
  2. Get templates designed for those and also generic templates

Go forth, change the world, and stop wasting time in the busy work.

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