Effective Delegation Is the Key to Outsourcing Successfully


Effective Delegation Is the Key to Outsourcing Successfully

Micromanaging freelancers can make you feel resentful about outsourcing.

How the hell is spending hours outlining a task in detail, sending it off to the freelancer, checking their work with a fine-toothed comb and then asking for revisions at all efficient? It would have been quicker for you to do it yourself.

Delegating that way invites frustration, disappointment, and hours and hours of your time down the drain. It’s not leveraged. And it’s not efficient.

So, how do you move away from doing everything yourself and delegating effectively? In this article, I’m going to share with you, my top tips for delegating effectively so that you can stop feeling resentful and grow your business in a leveraged and sustainable way.

Understand what your Zone of Genius is.

I did accounting and finance at university. I’m fully capable of doing my own accounts and business tax returns. But, I don’t want to. It really doesn’t get me juiced. And, if it were up to me, I’d leave all of my accounting to the end of the financial year and spend a whole week just trying to get everything in order and absolutely resenting every minute of it.

So, I’ve outsourced my accounting and business tax to someone for whom it is in their Zone of Genius. Not only is she qualified, but because she enjoys what she does, it’s done more thoroughly, more quickly and on time than it ever would be if I left it in my own hands.

Pro tip: Outsource the stuff that is outside your Zone of Genius. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

How to find people in their Zones of Genius.

The first outsourcing step coaches and thought leaders often take is getting themselves a Virtual Assistant (VA). VAs can be a fantastic asset to a business. However, if you’re thinking about bringing a VA onto your team, it’s important to make sure you get someone whose Zone of Genius is what you’re getting them to do.

For example, there’s no point outsourcing your social media to a VA whose Zone of Genius is diary management and events coordination. While technically they might be able to follow a procedure you write out for them, you’ll probably find that if it’s not exciting to them, if it’s not in their Zone of Genius, they probably won’t do the job as well as you’d like.

Pro tip: Finding a good fit is also about finding someone who wants to help you succeed, who is invested in your business and your success.

Let it ‘go’!

Aka let your ego go. The truth is, when you bring new people into your team, people who are in their Zones of Genius, you’re going to find that they do things differently from you. They see things differently. They respond differently. And because we haven’t perfected an adult cloning process yet, you’re just going to have to live with the fact that other people are not clones of you.

You cannot run a successful business entirely by yourself. You need to learn to trust others to help you. And when you do, you’ll finally be moving out of the hustle-hobby mode and stepping up into a true business ownership mindset.

Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have control over your business. It’s about not trying to do everything all by yourself. Think more of yourself as the building site manager of your business.

You oversee everything; you have a bird’s-eye view of your business. You’ll check the work, keep everyone on track, etc., but you’re not standing behind the carpenter instructing her on how to do every minute detail of her job. If you did that with everyone, you’d never get anything done in your business!

In a nutshell here’s how to delegate effectively:

  • Outsource the things that are outside your Zone of Genius.
  • Get people who are operating in their own Zone of Genius.
  • Learn to be the overseer rather than the micromanager.

What do you think? This process has worked really well for me, so I want to know if you’ve tried something similar? What have your results been? I’d love to know, let’s chat in the comments below.

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