Dream the Life You Want


Dream the Life You Want

What does the life of your dreams really look like?

Have you really thought about this? It is so easy to get caught up in ‘keeping up’ with your friends and other people’s expectations of you. The fact is though; you only get the chance to live this life once. It’s really important that you make it the life of your dreams, not someone else’s.

If you weren’t trying to please others.

Just consider this for a moment. If you made a decision right now to stop worrying about other’s expectations of you and chose to live the life of your dreams, what would change?

  • Would you continue in your present career?
  • Would you continue in your present relationship?
  • What changes would you make to your physical experience?
  • What would you do about your spiritual life?
  • Would there be friendships you would let go of?
  • Are there emotions that you would like to experience that you are not currently feeling?
  • Would you make changes with your family relationships?
  • What other areas of your life would be shaken up and changed?

Let go of all limits right now as you consider this, “What would your dream life look like?”You are the only one who can decide this. This is your dream life and remember; you have to dream it before you can manifest it.

What is stopping you from reaching this dream life?

Usually, it will be a limiting belief or a traumatic event that stops you in your tracks. The important thing to understand is that both these blocks and any others can be healed using wonderful new techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting.

We form our limiting beliefs in early childhood and then have reinforcing experiences during our lifetime that make us think and then believe that these things are true. They are not.

“Your limiting beliefs are false perceptions, not truths!”

From conception to seven years of age our brainwave pattern is predominantly Theta, which means that as small children we look at the events happening around us and interpret that they have happened because we are ‘not lovable enough’, ‘not good enough’ or ‘the world is a dangerous place’ and other similarly strong but wrong beliefs.

If you feel not good enough, then you won’t allow yourself to even consider that a dream life is possible for you. When you realise that that belief has always been a misperception, and it can be reimprinted so that you can believe you are good enough, anything becomes possible for you.

“You are good enough! You always were!”

Get those limiting beliefs and emotions healed. Find a skilled practitioner to help you with this. You do not have to limit your experience of life any longer. Keep dreaming about your ideal life.  Keep clearing the blocks as they come up.  You deserve to have only the best, and it is available to you.

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